1. RCuber

    ADSL+ Modem for BSNL/Airtel

    Hello Guys, My Huawei 880 modem which was provided by BSNL is functioning erratically. I need to replace it with a better and stable ADSL+ modem. I may be switching provider to Airtel so the modem needs to be compatible with that too. Budget 1-2 K Charan
  2. Arnab boss

    suggestions for a gpu @ 12k

    hi guys,now i need a gpu for my rig and i hav no idea for the resent arrivals and all as i was out of touch... so need a gpu mainly for medium gamming and watching hd vidios and it should hav an hdmi output as i will need it to connect it to my 42" plasma to watch movies and play games...
  3. SlashDK

    Remove limit on AMD Overdrive

    I recently bought a Sapphire HD 6850 but am not able to overclock it over 850MHz Core and 1200MHz Memory (stable) due to the limitations of AMD overdrive. Please tell me how to remove this limit.
  4. M

    should i get one 6970 now..?

    the options are 570,6970 and 6890. which one is stable and am preferring to go with 6970 .. any sugessions..?
  5. Mohnishgs

    need help overclocking

    my pc config is as mentioned in my signature, i'm running windows 7 x64 i wont be investing any further in cooling solutions, i want to to know how to go about overclocking both my processor and gfx card to maximum stable values without overheating the system(on stock cooling solution)
  6. paroh

    Make broadband more stable enable interleaving

    Make broadband more stable enable interleaving tested on mtnl broadband delhi adsl modem treandchip Hg520 But i am unable to make the setting permanent as when i switch of the modem and turn it back the setting are again reset Advantage More stable line less disconnection Disadvantage High...
  7. paroh

    Turn of Interleaving achive lower ping rate and Increase SNR for stable connection

    Turn of Interleaving achieve lower ping rate and Increase SNR for stable connection If ur line is good ask ur isp to turn of Interleaving by this u cauld achive very lower ping as compare to previous ping rate when Interleaving is turned on. As i read people able to achive (To local servers, it...
  8. S

    suggest a good laptop

    dear guys, i want a good laptop within 40-42k .for C++, autocad and for gaming.pls suggest a good & stable laptop.
  9. Plasma_Snake

    BSNL connection issue

    For past 2 years I have been on BSNL's 512Kbps Unlimites plan. My problem started 2 weeks ago. Please bear with me this long woeful tale. In March of this year, after filing a formal complaint regarding the disturbances in my landline, 2 linemen came and told that my wire was messed up and...
  10. rahulbalmuri

    Suggest a config @ 20k..?

    hey guys i need a stable config @ 20k....i want 1.WHOLE CPU 2.monitor i jus wat INTEL and a STABle MOBO....RAM must be 2GB....i need this config. for my use...not for any gaming kinda things....monitor lCD is ok...for GFX card suggest NVIDIA best GFX card(for my need of...
  11. dOm1naTOr

    X2 4200+, Asus M2A VM DVI, 1*512 DDR2

    Athlon X2 4200+ 2.2Ghz OC easily to 2.9Ghz[ X2 6000+] stable. Asus M2A VM DVI in good condition It supports all AM2, AM2+ and Am3 proccy. Has four mamory slots, 4 sata, 800Mhz dual channel support and has AMD 690V chipset. 2*512 DDR2 Transcend DDR2 667 dual channel easily does 945Mhz...
  12. siddharthmakwana

    stable and unstable sort....?

    what does stable and unstable sort means......? what makes quick sort unstable and merge a stable one.....?(plz give example if possible...)
  13. furious_gamer

    My first successful OverClocking(3.06GHz ->3.72GHz)

    Hi guys, This is my first successful attempt in OCing. I have a P4 Prescott 524 3.06GHz processor, and yesterday when i try to re-install the OS i just accidentally come across a option called Jumper Free in BIOS and i start play with that. After few tries, i found what is what?.Then i...
  14. kalpik

    Kernel 2.6.28 Stable released!

    Major attraction: EXT4! * *
  15. patkim

    query dataone BSNL

    Is anyone using Dataone in Pune? If I decide to go for BSNL Broadband (Dataone) connection...wish to know what all setup (equipment) is needed and how stable the connection is If someone can give a quick info on the setup/reliability etc would be great. Thx,
  16. boeing_737

    Processor for ASUS M2N-E

    Hi all, I had got a replacement ASUS A8N-E motherboard from Rashi peripherals for my faulty A8N-E last year. As it turned out, I ran into a problem with this one too. So, they gave me a ASUS M2N-E motherboard as a replacement. Since I have not found too many reviews on the internet, I have to...
  17. desiibond

    Finally, a stable govt. in Karnataka

    Yee haaa. Celebrations. BJP won the Karnataka assembly elections. 114 out of 224. Clear majority. My joy is not for BJP but for Karnataka for finally getting a stable government.
  18. R

    Overclocking e8400 with abit ip35-e

    so how much should i overclock.i have now oced it to 3.48ghz using 8x multiplier and 390freq. i've read that e8400 can be stable even at 4.1 ghz.plz provide Vcore voltage too.
  19. L

    Please Help me to say Byebye to Ms XP

    Hi , If I am using only browser (for Internet access ), Outllok for mail and Ipmsg (for chatting within Lan ) and ACDC ,Word ,XLS and nothing else than which Linux Distributor should it use . It should be very Light ,Fast and stable. I am using Windows XP right now , I don’t want to use...
  20. P

    new version of windows os

    microsoft release new windows rg which an edit of vista but it is more stable than xp and vista to know more\windows rg\sample.htm
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