1. kumarmohit


    OK Guys By what time is OpenOffice.org1.1.5 expected to be released.. BTW why dont they concentrate on OO.o 2 Beta and make it a stable release more faster rather than diverting resources to OpenOffice.org1.1.5 at all.. :o
  2. a_medico

    Dell Inspiron 510M - Net disconnects every 5 mins on dialup

    i have dell 510m, i use dialup on internal modem. when i use the dialup connection on pc, its stable. as soon as i switch on to my notebook..same connection disconects very frequently... i can judge it as both yahoo and msn messengers keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting. its so...
  3. wraj

    r u all comfortable with this new installation trend ???

    Am damn sick of ittttt #$%^*&** was internet explorer first,then came the Kazaa followed by Yahoo Messenger...all this software has one thing in common..they have discontinued Standalone installation adding much to the user's woes...others r also following the suit...donno what microsoft...
  4. I

    NEED TO KNOW- PCQ Linux Stability and Kernel Source.

    Nearly made it but did not. Where can i find the kernel source in 1. RH 9 2. PCQ Linux 2004 3. SUSE 9.1 This is so that i can install the drivers for my modem. I had RH 9. Might shift so that y the options :P Also initially ppl were saying that pcq linux might not be stable bcos of a...
  5. freshseasons


    Ok....Having recently had a good blunder with Athlon i have decided to open up the option of Intel World....and like my Nforce 3 mistake i want to be perfect this time .....( Ofcourse with u guys help )... Straight from heart....should i junk my Athlon 2600 Xp+ Barton Processor and Get P 4...
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