Finally, a stable govt. in Karnataka

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Yee haaa.


BJP won the Karnataka assembly elections. 114 out of 224. Clear majority.

My joy is not for BJP but for Karnataka for finally getting a stable government.


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As per the latest news BJP has got the seats around 110..They fall short of just 3seats.:(
Hmmm...Dont no how the governor is going to react for this tommorow......


^^Thats right... Im not going to vote once im 18..
70% of the candidates dont have any proper educational qualification and they are all filthy rich(all illegal money:mad:)


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I remember Karnataka is like india itself.different ethnicity ,different priorities,regionalism-DK vs UK ,kodavas et al(that I knew after spending some months in Managalapuram/manglore) , is like a masala :D...I hope BJP wont make achaar of this state :rolleyes:

ps:I believe BJP wont got majority in west karnataka? :| true :?:


Bond, Desi Bond!
BTW, was watching NDTV news and Mr. Venkaiah Naidu has mentioned that they have got the independent and rebel candidates to join their party and that they will announce the names tomorrow before Governor of Karnataka.

This now means that they BJP is going to form a stable govt.


^^Yeah.. Apparently, some 2 candidates who had appeared independently are from BJP.. So BJP will be forming the Govt... Yediyurappa chief minister mostly..


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After all the ruckus of the last two years, hopefully Karnataka will be destined to be a healthy developing state.


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^^ Whatever it maybe, its better than Deve Gowda's Bull$H!t. Die Fagg0t.

agree with u mate

bjp might gt support from the independents..and it is the duty of every citizen to vote...hung assemblies and coalition governments usually dont last long,as we have already seen, so its better we vote and bring a national party to power....


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all parties are bad.. but atleast the BJP is not in the appeasing business...the congress and JD(s) ,they know only 1 "minority" . BJP knows everyother minority..


I hope this government will be there for next five years.. He should work like Narendra Modi...
Let me get one thing straight:

Bangalore hates religious crap bad a$$ b@st@rds whose only objective is to spread Hindutava everywhere

Hope I have made a mark.

The following people dislike BJP:

1. Developmentalists
2. Moderatists
3. Atheists
4. Non Hindus
5. Anti Corruoptionists
6. GAUTHAMists
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