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I always recommend dell for its excellent service support.

For dell, just go to dell's homepage and check out the laptops that meet your requirements. You can place an order online.

Otherwise, just look around in stores and see what laptops are available.

Since you want to do some gaming, ensure that whichever laptop you choose has a dedicated graphics cards. Integrated graphics are a complete waste when it comes to gaming.

Off-hand I can't really think of any laptops. Just scout around and post the short-listed ones here, I'm sure everyone will be able to help you then.


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your budget goes well till C++, autocad... but crashes on gaming... you have to increase it to atleast 45k+ for just-a-gaming laptop... which could only play at lowest possible settings... dont go after the higher vers. GPU names... since the laptop version are miniature form of the desktop versions... having lower performance... plus they are mostly underclocked...

For at least playing at mid levels go for 50k laptops... preferabbly Dell, HP



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for your budget the perfect laptop is hp dv6-2005ax... u'll have to extend the budget by 1 or 2k but u'll het the hd4650


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theres nothing on dell thats as good as this.....
but u can take a look at dell studio 14 & 15

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Dell(TM) Studio 15 Laptop (S541008IN8)


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does ne1 knows 'bout the excessive heating issues of the HPs due to forcing in unnecessarily powerful card of higher price without implementing equivalent cooling solution and below par proccy just to keep price low in lieu of stability


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well i have heard a lot and seen too in many mags. like "digit".. i cant say about a particular model no. but form HP it is or was somewhat common and everyone must have heard 'bout their servicing.


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At your budget, Acer Aspire 5542G will be the best choice for you.This is a very good performer when it comes to day to day's work. The thing is it is also very good for casual gaming. It can play almost all the latest games, even the most demanding ones at lower resolutions. Thanks to its ATI Radeon HD 4570 512 MB DDR3 dedicated card.
The new Turon II 500 is based on new 45nm fabrication and is more power efficient and a good performer. It beats C2D 6600 2.2GHz.

The config is

- Turion-II Dual Core M500 (2.2 Ghz,1 MB L2)
- ATI-Rad 512MB 4570 HD GDDR3

- AMD M880G Chipset
- 15.6" HD-LED
- DVD Writer,

320 GB HDD
- BT, MultiCR
- FPR, Gigabit LAN
- WebCam, 4 x USB Ports,
- Dolby Stereo Speakers
- HDMI, 6 Cell,Linux, 1Yr,CC

Price is around 36k (

The extra money can be used to get good accessories for this laptop, like upgrading the ram to 4 GB, cooling pad, external mosue etc.


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i'd suggest the acer 5542g it is good... and if you can extend your budget hp dv6 2005ax
why do you want to go for np-r470.. it does not have discrete graphics.. it has sh1t intel onboard graphics... your reqirement is light gaming from what i read in your 1st post.
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