1. A

    hp dv6 7000 vs dell inspiron 15r special edition

    hp dv6 7010tx ......price (rs.69,000) tech specs i7 3610qm, 640GB HDD, 6GB ram(1600mhz),15.6" diagonal HD BrightView LED-backlit Display (1366 x 768),NVIDIA GeForce GT 630M (2 GB DDR3 dedicated, windows 7 home premium(64bit) Dell Inspiron 15r Special Edition... price(rs.61,000) tech specs i7...
  2. M

    3D TV Purchase

    How feasible is the purchase decision on 3d TV after seeing it at someone’s house? We have been to a relative’s house sometime back, where they had a 3D TV and my sons enjoyed watching quality of 3D and wearing specs to see Spiderman Movie. I don’t think 3D TV is that affordable and beside that...
  3. Z

    Are there any good upcoming android phones in the next two months?

    After my 5 year old Nokia e51, I was planning finally upgrade (Actually, its fallen down so many times little pieces started coming out of the phone. Still working mind you, bless that Nokia durablity :D ) I noticed the Xpera Ion is coming out soon to India, but I just noticed the specs of...
  4. K

    Inspiron 15R performance opinion

    After weeks of searching, I have finally decided to buy the Dell Inspiron 15R for my purpose of a gaming laptop within 42k. Its specs are:- 3rd gen core i5-3210M@2.5 GHz with turbo boost upto 3.1GHz 4GB RAM 1 DIMM (4GB x1) DDR3@1600Mhz AMD Radeon HD 7670M DDR3 1GB 15.6" HD WLED True-Life...
  5. D

    Allied Computers, Genuine or scam?

    Can anyone believe the specs of this machine? :: ACI-ASIA ::
  6. A

    QuadCore A8 or Corei3/i5 ??

    Hi everyone, I am a Designer indulging loads of work in high end softwares. But since my hands are tight now, I have outlined a few models under rs40000 budget. Please Guide! (OS not a problem for me, but MW3 is :wink:) Model One: HP Pavilion G6-2005AX Rs 34000 Specs: APU QuadCore A8...
  7. clmlbx

    who wanna buy Galaxy s3?

    All Galaxy s3 haters stay out of this thread. Their is already a thread for it.. I know it has ugly design plus fantastic specs.. there has been a mixed reaction to it so starting a poll to come to an conclusion.. So vote..:twisted:
  8. cray.x

    crysis becoming a pain!

    hello all I'm running crysis(2007) on my PC it was running good till yesterday, but today when i reached the "reckoning" stage it hangs and asks me to close the program. i have cross checked my system specs for the game on www.systemrequirementslab.com and it tells me that I have the...
  9. cray.x

    Bad monitor!

    hey hello guys i owe a Sansui 32" LCD. usually i connect my desktop with it with the VGA port. but while I'm gaming on it it shows frequent lags. I don't know what is the problem, i want to get it sought out! i checked the specs of my LCD and found it to be of 60hz(refresh rate), so i was...
  10. G

    Buying samsung phone.

    Hello, to all of you. I want to buy SAMSUNG Mobile phone, but I am confused between SAMSUNG GALAXY Y and SAMSUNG WAVE 5380.Actually, I am comfortable with both the operating systems like Android and Bada, and I need good phone specs wise and performance wise, in these two phones the specs are...
  11. M

    Suggestion for buying a mid-end laptop

    Budget :46~50K INR Specs: i7 (prefer) / i5 ; 6GB RAM; 600GB HDD; USB3; 13" - 14" screen Sleek machine for Web development / Virtualization / Occasional Video Ed & Gaming Primarily mobile usage Win 7/Linux dual boot Battery life : 4hrs India, Bangalore Expected life : 4~5 years...
  12. RiGOD

    20 inch LED monitor, which one is the best?

    So when it comes to Gaming, HD content playback etc which of the following is the best? Samsung B2030 (LCD) - 6200 Samsung S20A300N - 6675 LG E2060T - 6500 BenQ GL2030 - 6200 Dell IN2030M - 6100 So looking at the tech specs and from personal experience which do you think is the best...
  13. comp@ddict

    XBox 720 and PS4 Rumours/Speculation Thread

    There are threads now and then, and the frequency is only going to increase. So I thought of making one common thread where people can offload their fantasies regarding next generation consoles (including me) and discuss about the realities and actual possible specs and release dates. Here's...
  14. cray.x

    keyboard not works on boot

    hello guys I'm facing a strange problem :-?, while booting my window my keyboard doesn't works although I'm able to use it to enter BIOS, even i can use it for other applications in windows. but whenever it asks me to choose my OS it doesn't works. it is a PS/2 keyboard. the system specs are...
  15. Tribalgeek

    which graphic card @10k

    hey there guys, My max budget is 10k maybe 500 more. what should i buy? my current specs include i5 2400/Intel DH67/Dell ST2220L 8-)
  16. Ridwan Shafi

    X-Tab A10 ICS-A Mighty Low Cost Tablet

    Have you heard of the X-Tab A10 :lol: It is a mighty low cost tablet having boggling specs. If you think I am throwing tantrums check the specs here ...I think we should forget the T-Pad IS701R and the Ubislate 7+ and get our hands on this Tab...I mean it is just too powerful for INR 6000:shock:
  17. future

    Help with buying a GPU for Rs20000

    hi , i want to get a gpu , budget is around Rs 20000 My specs amd phenom 1090t asus M5A97 mobo gskill 8 gb ddr3 1600 mhz ram seasonic 750W psu Nzxt guardian 921 rb case I have HIS 6970 hd in my mind but as per my case specs , gpu cards of 265cm length are allowed , whereas HIS 6970hd is...
  18. iinfi

    Reliance 3G tab

    hi folks ... dont know whether this has already been discussed. has anyone used Reliance 3G Tab.any reviews? the specs look crap ..but how is its performance? thanks
  19. T

    S2 Epic touch 4g CDMA Vs LG Thrill

    Hi, Got a S2 Epic touch 4g CDMA, now trying to unlock it for reliance. The person who unlocks offered me a trade - S2 cdma for LG thrill GSM. I saw LG thrill specs and review on net, but am confused. -- S2 I have to stick with Reliance and not sure about the network when changing the phone...
  20. S

    suitable graphic card

    hi guys ..i'm thinking to upgrade my pc so i thought of starting it with graohic card ..pls suggest me some good graphic card suitable for my pc according to my pc spec's .. pc spec's: 160gb hard drive 2gb ram @ 2ghz processor
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