[By Demand] Digit December 2007 Special Issue

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Yes, we are doing something special for December, but you'll have to find out what later....


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hmm...special issue

ok I think you can pack 2 dl dvds with your special issue so space wont be any problem.

-COD4 demo
-at least 2-3 latest linux distros like open suse,ubuntu ultimate edition(please),fedora,mandriva,debian etc.
-a lot of free alternative softwares to commonly used 'paid' softwares.
-latest edition of all common softwares
-game patches if you can please.


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1 Full Linux Distribution
1 Full Version Game
1 Full Version Commercial Software
1 DL DVD with Tools
1 DVD with MS Service Packs for all applications and so on


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Please try to include something for everyone ( I mean balanced contents ). I will post my demands later.


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some good English or Hindi movie please.if possible spanish film Amantes with subtitles.
also "fast track to C Programming"
Linux distros like Open Suse 10.3 or Debian Lenny(if not given earlier)


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Guys at digit, i got only 256 MB ram and wont be able to make full use of the ubuntu 7.10 live cd. so guys, PLEASE GIVE OUT XUBUNTU 7.10 alternate iso.
Here is the link :):D :D :D :D :D :D

PLEASE , i am on Dialup. :mad:

PLEASE PLEASE :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


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Developers Edition Atleast fornovember and december

Borland RAD Studio 2007
Borland Delphi 2007 for win32 (514MB)
Windows Visual C++ Express series/Studio Beta 2 (C++,C# & Basic)
Adobe Flash 9 (CS3)
Flex 2 Trial/Demo

Hope atleast you can give us these softwares to try.and plese get bigger DVD than 4.7 GB.

Tutorials in java flex flash please.


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Since this is December issue... U wont pack it with DVD movie

anyway try to bundle a fastrack on any basic programming language....Fastrack means ready reckoners...i guess this one does

& by all means 1 dvd full of appz exclusively for linux or open suse or fc or Ubuntu DVD...standalone please [not anything else but the original iso]

& as for swares keep a look out for all my fellow Digitians


Instead of giving one big new movie, give ipod versions of several old movies that are public domain or freely distributable. Try to include some decent games


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I want a special issue on Linux

  • Fedora 8
  • Ubuntu 7.10 DVD (DVD contains text mode install too and more programs.)
  • SuSE Linux 10.3


  • Special Ubuntu Package > (It contains : Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu and Xubuntu all 7.10 versions)
  • Bharat Linux

and more Linux...


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You guys visit so many consumer electronic shows, like for example in this months issue you said you were invited to MSI, why don't you guys ever think of providing us with the videos of the shows, we all like to see the videos of the latest hardware. Besides this we have repeatedly requested you to provide us with the videos of Digit Test Center.
Why on the hell do you stuff the Dual Layer DVD with those never heard of movies, which I am sure 99% of us won't even care to check out !!

There is no point in starting this December demand thread so early when you guys pay little attention to what we want!!!

We want tech videos !! We want tech Videos!!

and finally my ultimate wish, the one that I've been requesting you for the time immortal....
Anna Kournikova on Digit Cover Page.


More More Linux


I love Linux Flavouring and for this one I am dying, Beryl+linux===Microsoft dies soon.


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I think digit should start Video Reviews, of mobiles atleast. People love to see stuff, not read it. Even, Game Video reviews wont be bad.

Software wise, The latest editions of Must haves, a few Linux Distro's. But no lame movies please :)
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