What shall I do with my old daddy PC?

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My system configuration is as follows :
P4; 2.40 ghz; 512 DDR Ram; 40GB HDD Baracuda; fitted with LiteOn Combo Drive; XP SP1 loaded.
To up-grade, what shall I do first? More Hard drive? A new Board? Plz advice.


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You haven't mentioned in which aspect do you want to upgrade i.e., in the performance area, eye candy area or simply the multimedia area.

As you have mentioned you are having P4 2.4Ghz so its genrally a mPGA478 socket motherboard you have. You haven't mentioned you mother board's model, so its outhg to advise you as the motherboard is all important.

As far as others are concerned you can gor for a Lite-ON or a SONY DVD-Writer, you can upgrade your system memory.

But next time give a total spec. of your system.

Choto Cheeta

well for now days its useless to have the total system i think...

as with Dual Core and Vista on market, application will go more resource hungry every day....

U better think of a New system... as keeping it would increase our maintanace cost, some what... and when thinking of new procy or any thing, nothing would match with ur present system...

Its wise to go for a complete upgreade... if not now then, keep using this system, start saving money, and then go for one new system based on C2D and G965 and Dual Channel DDR-II and SATA-2 and etc, etc

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