Why ain't this Safe Mode Working (XP)

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Whenever i try to boot in safe mode, it boots normally upto the user selection screen(welcome screen) and reboots automatically.
What the HELL is the problem??? please help!
Windows XP SP1
May be this happend when I intalled Longhorn Transformation Pack 10.
Please Help Thank u!


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May be this happend when I intalled Longhorn Transformation Pack 10.

definitely cos of dat, dast why a restore point is recommended as thes epacks directly replace c:\windows\system32 files n it creates problems sometimes.

reboot n press F8 and select LAST BEST KNOWN CONFIGURATION

if doesnt help search a restore point in history. might be u ll fix it.


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Hey why do u want to got through safe mode??? is normal mode working fine...??? if not it sure that it is from transformation pack.....give us the details


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quite posbly, longhorn trans pack cud b the culprit, since it replaces a lot of system files. ven i had had instald it, mine refused to uninstal and after a shabby forced uninstal, my pc refused to boot. fortunately i had a systemrestore point to go to.

boot in normal mode, remove the longhorn trans pack, then run ccleaner, to rid ur pc of junk files/registry entries, and reboot again in normal mode.

then agn c if u can go to safe mode on the next boot.

ps:do u have a systemrestore point created b4 the lh trnsf pack installation ? if yes, try using it.


yeah restore poitn will work ..
just restore to a point u know the safe mode was working fine
maybe before longhorn transformation pack

however since normal mode works. . i dun see why LHTP should be the culprit


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No, sometimes the safe mode checks for the version and details of a file in SYS32, once i replaceda bootscreen file (ntoskrnl) and safe mode prevented me from enterin coz it said that that file was corrupted or somethin but the normal boot worked...
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