problem accessing localhost

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hi folks,

anybody here winxp geek. i am facing a problem.

I am java learner. i am now learnign jsp and servlets. to test them i use Apache Tomcat. I installed it without any problem and after starting it i had to deploy my jsps and servlets and it showed the message tha they were deployed. here the problem begins.

when ever i try point my browser to http://localhost:8080 the browse pops up a username password dailogue box asking them to enter the details. as i am administrator i entered my administrator account and password but it is not accepting and displaying that i am an unauthorized user.
in box it is showing that i am going to connect to som "XDB" what it is that "XDB".
Mine is xp with sp1 and updates from autopatcher. i have also installed .net 1.1 framework. i also disabled some services through msconfig.
dose problem occur with sp1 or .net are my disabled services.
please help me out.
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