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Rahul Verma

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When i purchased this computer i had sp1 installed in it. Thereafter i installed Longhorn transformation pach from Chip or Digit magzines Software cd. Now whenevr i uninstall Longhorn it asks for sp1 cd Which i haven't got bcoz my computer vendor had provided me sp2 cd.Whenever i try to upgrade sp1 to sp2 from this cd a message appears C:\BOOT.INI not found due to which i m not able to upgrade my sp1 to sp2. So kindly suggest me the solutions.


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Just use the Sp2 which is found in a Digit DVD to upgrade your system to SP2. I think that the Autopatcher XP is also a good way to do it.

If the problem is not resolved, Since you already have a complete WIndows XP sp2 CD with you, just insert the CD to start the Installation process and then Press R to start the recovery process.

This should hopefully resolve the issue...........
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