1. S

    Favourite songs here

    The title tellsssss.........
  2. soumo27

    Mobile within 7.5k ....

    1. Budget? 7.5 k (almost strict) :D 2. Display type and size? 3" 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Bar. 4. Preferred choice of brand? Samsung/Nokia. 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). Touchscreen 10. Primary use of handset (multimedia, camera, mails...
  3. Sarath

    Which CD ripping software to use?

    I want to rip songs from my audio CDs. I usually listen to 320kbps MP3 files which are usually around 10MB for a 3min song. I have never ripped songs before but I know both itunes and WMP can do the job, apart from the many others. However I am curious as to which one is good and can be...
  4. C

    Iphone apps for Bollywood Music

    Hi recently a number of iphone apps have been released where you can listen Indian music like Desi Radio,tandora,Bollywood RR,Hutke songs, Bollysongs, Dhingana etc .Some of them play internet radio stations and some even full songs from latest albums. I want to know how much royalty will...
  5. Y

    Toshiba C640-X4010

    How is Toshiba C640-X4010 (@ 29K at Flipkart)? I need 14" laptop capable to run whatever is required in BCA and MCA. Should have Good display and sound to play movies and songs. My budget is upto 28K (+1K max if no other option).
  6. S

    Headphones for under 1.5k

    Hi I am looking for headphones for around 1.5k the use would be with my laptop while I am in office. I had shortlisted Sony MDR XD200 getting it at 1050 at flipkart. I wanted to know is there any options which would give me better sound. The music I listen is slow songs, bollywood songs...
  7. R

    Can't copy songs from itunes to ipod

    I have a new computer and installed itunes and music. However when I connect my ipod it shows up but I cannot transfer songs from itunes to it. What is the cause of the problem and possible solution? Thank you for any help!!!
  8. Imperial_Raj

    Need a MP3 player for my phone

    Hello everyone! I'm currently using a Nokia 5233 and its music player was working fine till I shifted some songs from the 'Downloads' folder to the 'Sound Files' folder. Some songs are missing after that and my music library, which was earlier of nearly 12 hours, is now only of 8 hours. So...
  9. rhitwick

    Playlist editing issue

    Well, let me first give a background of the scenario. I use KMPlayer for listening audio. I created this playlist having 200 songs. The source of the songs were in an external drive. Now due to certain changes in h/w the external drive letter has changed (from J: to M:) and as an obvious the...
  10. Sid_hooda

    Nationite S:Flo2 Review - A cheap but awesome sounding chinese PMP

    This is a slightly edited version of my review that i posted on Chip and TE and i thought to post it here as well. This is my first review and since this player is relatively unknown here. I'm sort of a semi-audiophile (so i'll go into the details a bit :-P ) and this is my first "Decent" audio...
  11. M

    Video codec for And2.2?

    Hello, Is there any app that installs all Video Codecs for Android2.2? I had downloaded few video files thruogh "Youtube Mate" and all were in MP4 format. some files are playable and some are not.. ex: the one which i tried is "Unbelievable David Backham" and few Coldplay and Kesha...
  12. maxmk

    HELP: Shoutcast Listeners Wanted

    Hello Everyone, I have setup a Shoutcast Radio (Private) for some testing with some songs on it. Now I need your help to test it; i am looking for some listeners who will just listen the songs as i want to know how much bandwidth a stream server can utilize through streams. So, guys please...
  13. ajayritik

    Music best to listen to in office to avoid noise

    Guys I need suggestions on the kind of music/album that I can listen in office. The primary purpose is to avoid any kind of noise distraction caused by nearby cubicles, chatter etc. So mostly it should be instrumental not having vocals. I tried some hindi instrumental songs but since I...
  14. K

    Samsung Corby

    Hi Guys, I have bought SAMSUNG CORBY MOBILE PHONE, the model of which is S3653. I was given 2CDs. I want to install PC STUDIO and other softwares,on my computer,necessary for the downloading of Audio Songs and Video and Audio songs from my computer.The two CDs contain several folders. So, I...
  15. vamsi_krishna

    Bring all the Likable Game tracks HERE

    This thread is solely dedicated to the game tracks which users think is a must listen thing. Post any link for the track(Only a legit one :p ) . But posting a youtube link will be a great idea. Here comes my first suggestion.. Track Name: Down Stream Album: Braid OST Game: Braid [PC,XBL,PSN]...
  16. kool

    Suggest some English/Hindi Songs* for Exercise/Jogging..

    Guys, suggest some English and bollywood songs for workout, i mean some fast song that can motivate to do more exercise/workout/jogging. Songs with beats. [;)]
  17. Faun

    Hindi songs for non native person

    Please recommed some hindi songs for a person who doesn't know single word of hindi. I am just curious if these two songs are good to introduce that person to hindi songs :) "Tera hone laga hu" and "Tum se hi"
  18. coderunknown

    extracting music from songs

    Guys, any software that can extract music from songs or can eliminate the vocal part? i never heard of any so asking. any such software? trial will also do as i won't require it forever.
  19. G

    Need Laptop Under 50k

    i need a laptop under 50k any brand will do.. i want the laptop for casual gaming,mostly multimedia i.e to watch movies,listen songs it should have good battery life... thanks in advance...
  20. G

    How to fuse different songs

    Dear Digitians, i need a software to fuse some songs together as one and it has to be a free one. can you suggest any accurate ones. Thanks in advance.
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