1. aryayush

    iTunes Store Tops Three Billion Songs

    iTunes Store Tops Three Billion Songs Music fans have now downloaded and purchased more than three billion songs from the iTunes Store, and “we’d like to thank all of our customers who have contributed to this incredible milestone,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of iTunes. The world’s...
  2. pranavrules2007

    Need Help with Karaoke Songs~~

    I want to know, how to make karaoke songs? My friend, got to make a song, using only the music of the song, "In The End - Linkin Park" with his own voice. I want to know how to do that. Please can someone suggest me the following.. Which Software to use [For Ripping (ONLY) Music from songs...
  3. nix

    cassette player or CD player for car?

    well i am getting a car stereo for my maruti 800 tomorrow. i just went to JC road in bangalore to get an idea of the price. i saw good systems for my budget of around 6000. my question is, should i go in for casette player or CD/MP3 player? does CD/MP3 player result in skips when i go over bumps...
  4. ssk_the_gr8

    Intel lures IT managers with rock music

    Intel puts a lot of effort into trying to convince us that it isn’t really the old, boring company it often appears to be. A lot of emotional and hip components have been surrounding the firm’s marketing campaigns lately. Following Mariah Carey, who promoted Centrino Duo more than a year ago and...
  5. D

    Download songs from

    Let me know the procedure to download music from dishant which is a very huge repository of bollywood songs ;- Thanks in advance...........
  6. bajaj151

    Legal ??

    Is it legal to upload the latest songs on rapidshare and give the link into my that people may download the songs and other stuff from my blog.
  7. napster007

    5 Most Annoying Features in MP3 Players

    Back in those days when the dearest thing to me was my Sony Walkman, the single biggest annoyance happened to be the GSM signals interfering with the playback. This invariable happened due to the fact that headphones then, weren't equipped to handle GSM interference. But this didn’t stop me from...
  8. pritish_kul2

    English Audio Songs

    From whr can i download English audio songs. i want to download not listen.
  9. S

    Album Artwork

    Hey there any program which automatically downloads album artwork of my songs......?????
  10. R

    Recommended Songs by Digitians(International only mostly Rock)

    You know that most of us like international rock music but rock has never been promoted as pop or hip-hop atleast in India. And we rarely get to hear new rock from not so famous bands other than the songs on the charts. so i'm starting this thread for u guyz to post some songs which u...
  11. R

    Most Irritating Songs Due to xcess play

    Here are a few songs which have been xcessively played all over India so much so that some good ones even sound bad now 1.Hips Don't Lie(i mean even a bhayya likes this one.what is wrong with this country) 2.Kajra re 3.Doorie 4.summer of 69 5.My heart will go on 6.i wanna love you...
  12. R

    listen song online on your GPRS enable Mobile

    Hi I have GPRS activated on my cell. I am using cell often for lots of browsing. But I dont have any idea of listening songs from internet. Can I listen songs from I have Sony K310i mobile.
  13. S

    how to change ipod nano

    Hello, I recently purchased a apple ipod nano . I can add and remove songs only using apple itunes .it is not recognizing songs added otherwise directly through explorer . how can i add songs to the ipod wihtout using itunes. thanks.
  14. S

    help in moto razr

    hi everyone i m having moto razr i m facing a problem in transferring music in itune section of mobile. i have installed itunes my system also but when i tried to updated songs to my mobile nothing is happening. N when i tried to copy songs in itunes folder in mobile songs are copied but...
  15. clmlbx

    Legends Of India ( songs with N series )

    Hello friends , I bought N70 music edition 2 months ago . u know u get 1 gb card with it and some 100 songs ( legends of india ) with it .:razz: :razz: problem is that i don't want to keep this songs in my phone but want to keep it in my computer . so i copied it to my computer but this...
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