1. A

    Siberia 840 user opinion required

    Hi, I am planning to buy Siberia 840 so needed opinion from the users. Currently I am using old and gold Nokia bh503 which is one of the all in one headset which help me in everything like jogging songs calls movies on laptop etc etc and has really good backup so I want something like that...
  2. rohitshakti2

    Songs downloaded using Jio not working on other mobiles

    Hi friends I have a Jio sim and I have downloaded many songs using their apk 'jio music' but when I copy those songs to other phones, they are not working, can anyone help how to remove it's protection from Jio apk. 2ndly is there any method to play mobile videos in n ok n wifi tv using...
  3. KeyboardWarrior

    Music of Pakistan

    I am starting this thread of random video songs from Pakistan's (New/Old) Rock,pop,classical,ghazals,fusion,jazz,sufi,folk,f ilmi,melodies etc.i will post random video songs of various singers,artists,solo and bands with some description. i will try to update this thread time to time. P.S...
  4. E

    Portable audio rig for basshead

    Hey guys I want to buy a complete basshead portable audio rig which must include a music player,in-ear earphones and dap/amp.Being a basshead I need something which has no comprises in bass section.the bass should be tight and clear and mids and highs should be good too..The iems,amp and music...
  5. Flash

    Alternatives to WMP?

    What do you guys use for hearing songs in PC, apart from good'ol WMP?
  6. D

    Headphones under 5k

    Please suggest some headphones which are under 5000, I already have Sennheiser HD 202 so looking for better model than this. Mainly will be used for movies and songs.
  7. Nipun

    Headphones, 2k.

    Hi! I'm looking to buy a pair of headphones with good comfort, good bass, low sound leakage, and good noise isolation (in that order of priorities). Budget: Around ₹2,000. Would mostly be used will my laptop (Dell Inspiron 15), occasionally with my phone (Mi4). As regards to the type of...
  8. ajayritik

    Issues with Strontium Pen Drive while using as USB drive to play music in car

    I had purchased Strontium Nitro 16Gb Class 10 MicroSDHC UHS-1 (With Card reader & MicroSD Adapter) some time back. The main purpose was to play songs on my car stereo which has USB Support. For the past week I observe that the songs keep getting stuck while playing and all of sudden I get...
  9. S

    Decent IEM (with Mic) under 1k

    Hi friends Please suggest a decent IEM with Mic. I have consider cowman EM1. Piston 2 is been out of stock for long time. Will be using it mostly to listen classical and bollywood songs and watching videos on my mmx a117 while traveling in bus. Budget is strictly under 1K.
  10. ajayritik

    Need Suggestions on MP3 Player

    I need to gift a family member an MP3 Player with budget around 1k-3k. Primary purpose is to listen to MP3 songs and sometimes radio. Should be of decent quality.
  11. $hadow

    Headphones under 4k.

    Earlier I was looking for a wireless headphone but since @TheIncinerator pointed out to me that wireless will never touch the clarity of wired headphones so here I am looking for a wired headphone which will be used for purposes like 1. Movies 2. Gaming 3. Songs Songs will be like rock,pop...
  12. ajayritik

    Does Car Stereo support USB 3.0 Pen Drives?

    I recently bought a Pen drive which was USB 3.0 and tried to play songs on my car stereo. However the songs seemed to skip when I plug it in my car stereo. Does anyone have any experience of using a pendrive with USB 3.0 on their car stereo and which worked.
  13. Nipun

    A Tribute To Classic Indian Ads

    * This is one brilliant video and I just could not resist sharing this. I know that there is already a youtube videos thread but this is not exactly a normal youtube video and it won't be just to put this there. I used to sing most of these songs on...
  14. meetdilip

    Best software to copy a scratched CD

    Got one with lot of scratches and good songs, any help ?
  15. siddharthx64

    EP-630 Lost. Looking for Sensible Upgrade. Help!

    Hi all, I recently bought an EP 630 (the second time in 3 years) after my former piece gave up on me. I loved it for it's bass and well, it's isolation. However, yesterday, I lost them in transit to work from home. Now, having bought it twice, I am not pretty much interested in buying the...
  16. ajayritik

    Need a decent IEM for 1k-3k

    My current IEM's got expired so looking for a decent pair. I would be mostly listening to Hindi Movie songs not much into English stuff more of the peppy and sometimes slow music but will be mostly hindi Songs. Last one I bought was quite crappy costed me around Rs600. My wife has BrainWavzM1...
  17. C

    Cowon em1 problem

    Yesterday received cowon em1 from after taking it out of box played songs with full bass for about 10 min. today while i was playing songs with normal bass full volume hearing some disortions will these stupid act damage my earphones.? most of songs i dont hear disortions but for some...
  18. Desmond

    Anti-Bollywood thread

    The Indian film industry rolls out dozens of movies every year. Each one scraped from the bottom of the barrel of the golden era of cinema. Each one digging the corpses of the previous hits. And each one built upon the same skeleton of monotony. Indian movies, which were once artful depictions...
  19. Knight2A4

    Useing Parameteic Equalize Setting to during coversion from flac to mp3

    Hello Everyone, I was working on a concept that i read on head-fi How To Equalize Your Headphones A Tutorial - Community. As the tutorial teaches how to eliminate ear canal, and eardrum resonance by the help of a parametric equalizer. I completed it n developed the E.Q setting in...
  20. S

    My songs getting erased / Cut off from trail end parts : HDD prob ?

    Hi all, I doono where to put my query, so I am Putting in chit chat . I am facing this problem from past 1-2 years , that lots of my favorite songs on MY HDD are erased / cut off from end part. Like i was listening to my song : DU-HAST After a Long time on my nokia N8 and suddenly...
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