1. harshilsharma63

    How to teach computer to parents

    Hi. i want to teach computer to my mom. She knowes how to perform basic tasks like playing songs. So what sequence should I follow? Which tools should I introduce to?
  2. Allu Azad

    Guess The Song

    Hi guys , Can you guess which song is this ? I have given the english translation of a hindi song ( some parts of the lyrics ) . Try whether you can identify which song is this . If you are to be sad, I too would be sad with you Though I may not be visible, I will be close to you Wherever...
  3. A

    free karaoke mp3 hindi old and new songs no vocal

    I have tried so many places not found. tell me some links where can i down load hindi new and old karaoke songs free?helpme there should be no vocal in the songs .
  4. dashing.sujay

    First experience of using an iPhone !!

    So I had iPhone 4s in my hands which belonged to an uncle of my friend. Had used his phone once before; Slick interface, nothing new to mention. The whole incident started when he asked me to send some songs to it. I already knew that iTunes was required for it. My friend had some software which...
  5. ayush_chh

    How to Copy the actual target file through Shortcut?

    Hi Guys, I have a folder on my Desktop with shortcuts to Songs all over my HDD. what i require now is to copy those songs (in diff locations) to my Pen Drive using these shortcuts that i have created. Any Idea on this? Thanks Ayush
  6. ©mß

    How to create playlist in Galaxy Y in bulk?

    I want to add songs in playlist in bulk. I have Galaxy Y and want to add songs to playlist by marking the songs at once and then adding. Is there any method to do so because I am fed up with adding one song at a time.
  7. ShankJ

    Few good songs

    Could you suggest me a few good songs similar to the following- Hurt-Johnny Cash Unforgiven 1,2,3- Metalica Kryptonite- 3 Doors Down Epiphany- Staind Best i ever had- Gary Allan Save You- Simple Plan Thanks..:thumbs:
  8. Nipun

    F.I.R. Against Honey Singh For "vulgar songs"

    Gurgaon hotel cancels rapper Honey Singh's concert, FIR in Lucknow over offensive lyrics - The Times of India My question: Why did they take 6 years to wake up? And: He never sang these songs in public. People who don't want to hear them shall never download/buy/listen to them on internet...
  9. debarshi

    Soft Music, Instrumental And songs during Studies

    I have a habit of listening to soft music and instrumentals during studying, especially mathematics But my playlist is old enough, and getting boring........ Can you guys suggest me some good songs, music or instrumentals which can be listened to during studies........ It'll be a great...
  10. rider

    Best Rock Songs in Hindi

    Suggest me some hindi rock songs that you like the most. :bump:
  11. GhorMaanas

    [Achieved] ICE Set-up in {6k->8k-->10k--->12k---->} ~20k!

    Hello everyone! the title may seem a bit wacky, but upon reading my post you will come to realise & appreciate the nuance of it. won't write too long (i hope), primarily because it isn't meant to be a review, but just a plain-simple feedback on what i encountered while putting in efforts to...
  12. T

    Apple iTunes Store launched in India

    Music: Bollywood, Indian Pop, etc The price is in Indian Rupees [ Rs ] and starts at Rs 12 per song. The bit rate of the songs in the iTunes Store are 256Kbps AAC [ Advanced Audio Codec ] - Apple iTunes Songs purchase has a advantage of automatic sync between all iDevices from Apple. Movies...
  13. ramakanta

    Add Album Art to MP3 Songs

    Is there any procedure to add and remove album art in MP3 Songs ?? thank you.
  14. theserpent

    Need software to fuse two songs!

    Hey guys i need a software that can fuse two songs. Movies maker could do that but windows 7 doesn't have it :oops:
  15. H

    The Electro Trance House Psy music thread

    For the night's men on tdf, or the basslovers, or the addicts, this thread will be a place where you can chit chat on the current Electro/Trance/House/Psy genre music. I've gone through the 'addicted to..' thread, but found less discussion on it. I was a MetalHead until recently, now is more...
  16. curioustechy

    Retaining detail view

    In a folder which contain songs & songs alone, after switching to detail view mode, selected type, rating, size and two more entities to display. Then I closed that folder. Aster some time when I opened that folder again, I couldn't see my preference choices . But instead title, tracknumber, #...
  17. aaruni

    Download songs from

    Hey Guys, I want to download old songs from Anybody have any solutions?
  18. montsa007

    My Prank for a guy who asked me to download 59 odd old songs - Suggest More

    I have a guy in our group who is not so tech savvy. He asked me for some old songs, which I gave. Now he gave me his list of 59 songs which he wants me to download and deliver it to him on his pen drive. Am thinking of a crazy prank, I'll download some random chinese song and copy paste it...
  19. sam9953

    Old Hindi Songs CD 1970's (6 Volume Pack)

    Item name: Enchanting melodies Date of purchase: One year back Reason for sale: Not using it anymore Warranty details: No warranty available Expected Price: Rs 50 per CD Location of Seller: Rohini, Delhi Courier: Yes, using DTDC Shipping charges: As applicable Payment methods: Cash, Bank...
  20. J

    Which one to by Sony 32 HMS LED TV or ONIDA LEO32AFIN LED TV?

    I just had gone through both Sony 32 LED Tv and ONIDA 32LEO AFIN LED TV. Both looks good but some of the features of ONIDA are more attrative like in SONY suppeorts only MP4 type songs (It works but songs stops in between). Morover ONIDA provide comfortable remote with keyboard and supports...
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