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  1. azzu

    Sony Ericsson launches Xperia X10, Vivaz in India

    Handset maker Sony Ericson on Friday launched a new portfolio of high-end mobile phones priced between Rs 25,695 and Rs 35,795 in India, and aims to garner a considerable market share in the smartphone segment. Besides, the handset maker has roped in actor Kareena Kapoor as the brand...
  2. bhushan2k

    Top must have and impressive toolbars for your blog

    On popular websites like mashable.com, you might have seen they use toolbars on their sites for different purposes such as sharing posts on social sites, chatting, social sites updates integrations. It results in good impression on your blog. Visitors can do many things with toolbars so easily...
  3. D

    everyone's opinion welcome

    I want to know everyones opinion about : what are the social changes took place because of web 2.0 . :???: web 1.0 : through webpage only providing information web 2.0 : interactive web pages like blogging , social networking , video-file sharing etc
  4. D

    Current Global Recession - Boon or Bane

    Please share your opinion about its advantages and disadvantages. I am more interested in its advantages or positive things about recessions. For example i had learned that during recession activity on Social networking sites and especially in Matrimonial sites increases because two salary...
  5. gauravakaasid

    First timer on a social app....

    Guys, Recently came across this app, and looks like I might just get hooked onto it. http://www.CricketBookie.in Is there anyone who reviews social apps?
  6. hjpotter92

    Social Groups

    On the thinkdigit website, when I try to visit any of the social groups, I have joined, it displays a DB(database) error.
  7. abhimanyu1401

    Social Networking Site Creator!!! HOT!!

    Hi everyone... travelling through the net.... I managed to find myself on the site.... http://www.ning.com and then... guess what? It's a social networking site creator...and ABSOLUTELY FREE!! You can customize your site... with photos and videos and even a Jukebox... and Chat! Its a great way...
  8. T

    Xmas fever: The busiest day of Facebook

    This Christmas Facebook, one of the most highly visited Social Networking website got a record traffic, with 1 in every 22 websites visited in the UK going to the social network. According to a survey, Facebook was the second most online destination in the United Kingdom these holidays, second...
  9. R

    Uploading images on all social sites at once

    Most of use have accounts on various social networking sites like facebook, orkut, flickr, picasa, youtube etc. It is very time-consuming (as well as bandwidth consuming) to individually upload pictures or videos on each site. Is there a way so that we can upload to all these sites at one go...
  10. esumitkumar

    Surfing net alters the way brain works !

    CANBERRA: The internet is not just changing the way people live but altering the way our brains work with a neuroscientist arguing that this is an evolutionary change which will put the tech-savvy at the top of the new social order. (We are at the top HURRRRAY :D:D:D) Gary Small, a...
  11. kapsicum

    Universal Email & Social Networking in a NUTSHELL

    originial source hi all I found this quite useful new Mail site (NutShellMail.com - Your Mail in a Nutshell) which can consolidate all your other mail boxes & social networking into One Inbox. This is mainly useful this days when most of us have subscribed to many many Email & Social...
  12. iMav

    New internet watchdog to police Facebook

    Full article.
  13. T

    social networking websites..

    i see a lot of people chatting away on social networking websites. the most popular one seems to be orkut. but my personal opinion is that they are a waste of time and to the amazement of my friends i dont have an orkut account.i see people addicted to orkut and people who only use the internet...
  14. naveen_reloaded

    50$ coupon Free from Facebook`s Advertising segment.. Hurry!!

    This may or may not be appropriate for indian users.. as they prefer orkut.. but anyone having facebook.. can try this... Click advertising is already a huge market and PPC on social networks is also gaining momentum, while traditional PPC advertisement's like Google Adwords and Yahoo Search...
  15. iatb.gourav

    Student & Social Service.

    Okey, I need to make a project (for my sis) on "Student & Social Service. Can anyone help me with any useful links.... Thanks in advance !!!
  16. iMav

    i'm Charity by users initiative extended to hotmail & msn users

    yup, now users like you and me can also do some charity simply by using the above services. this service was introduced to MSN Messenger & Hotmail users too, but only for US residents, however by changing the country in hotmail options to US you can also do your bit. Screen shot step by step...
  17. iMav

    [ZUNE] Zune Social adds gadgets, favorites

    Microsoft today updated its Zune Social service to include new features and fixes for those using the company's new media players. A new feature, called Gadgets, lets users share the information from their Zune profiles on other websites such as forums; like the profile pages themselves, it...
  18. Third Eye

    Neither Vista Nor Leopard Are Bulletproof

    Microsoft has been beating the old drum of Windows Vista as the most secure Windows operating system on the market since it hit the selves. Similarly, Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, the successor of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger is applauded for taking on the legacy of a high standard for security synonymous with...
  19. ax3

    Tech Recruiters Turn to Facebook

    Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites have become the top tool for hiring IT staff, a new survey among recruitment companies reveals. According to 58 percent of IT recruitment firms polled by the Association of Technology Staffing Companies, an industry body, such sites are...
  20. aryayush

    Apple, you have a customer for life!

    And that's me! I know this is probably spam. I should have posted this in the Apple thread but I wanted it to be highly visible. I'm sorry for resorting to posting it here, but I hope the content of this post will make you think that I wasn't too wrong in doing so...
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