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Sabeer Bhatia' New Venture - another social nw site

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The Devil's Advocate
ok first up this is crap ... how many such stupid sites are we gonna have :x ...

now about the news :)

After Reliance's BigAdda, Sabeer Bhatia has entered the Indian social networking rat race with the launch of ApnaCircle. A creation of Apnacircle Infotech Pvt. Ltd, ApnaCircle helps people to make new friends and professional acquaintances and thus make their social life more active, interesting and more fruitfully rewarding. ApnaCircle's social network helps maintain known relationships with scraps, uploaded photos, customized messages and establish new relations by reaching out to people they've never met before, all through ApnaCircle.

Click image to go to the site


These sites are not good due to negligence of the responsibility of users and site owner.That was the reason why i left orkut.I hate orkut now and these sites and myspace is not an exception.


I see right through you.
"Rat Race" is the word to use. Gmail offers a lot of mail space, everyone jumps in. Orkut becomes a hit, suddenly there are all sorts of networking sites. They're trying to milk as much money as they can out of the same thing, so that they don't have to innovate too much.


Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
lets keep rumors aside .........

hope HE comes up with some good work like HOTMAIL .......


it really CHANGED everything ........ didnt it ?


The Frozen Nova
@Mangal Pandey,

Wedding Ash was a fiction. Times had come up with a few pairs for Ash with some famous personalities and its aftermath
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