Xmas fever: The busiest day of Facebook

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This Christmas Facebook, one of the most highly visited Social Networking website got a record traffic, with 1 in every 22 websites visited in the UK going to the social network. According to a survey, Facebook was the second most online destination in the United Kingdom these holidays, second only to the Google Inc.

Traditionally, Christmas time has been the busiest time for all social networks but this Christmas achieved three new milestones.

Facebook accounts for around 1 in 22 UK Internet visits this Xmas.

Last Christmas 2007, Facebook created record number of visitors that wasnt surpassed until July 2008. But this Christmas created a new milestone for Facebook when the UK's most popular Social Networking Website ie facebook got 1 in every 22 UK Internet traffic visits. Thats a huge number.

Not surprisingly, watching videos is a better option for people having nothing better to do. YouTube has been the 3rd most popular site in the United Kingdom for Christmas this week, beating out the Windows Live Hotmail. In all, Hitwise is saying that social networks accounted for 10% of web traffic during the period which has been a record traffic.

YouTube got around 2.13% of all UK Internet traffic compared to 2.11% for Windows Live Mail. During the same week time, YouTube was the third most visited website in the UK behind Google UK and Facebook, while Microsoft Live Mail was ranked fourth.
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