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  1. A

    Enable Hotmail POP3 and SMTP Support for free

    Hotmail (actual name Windows Live Hotmai which formerly knowns as Windows Live Hotmail) has officially added free POP3 and SMTP feature support which used to available to Hotmail Plus paid subscribers. With Hotmail POP3 support and turned on, users can download the mail messages to desktop or...
  2. A

    How to use smtp server of Gmail for Joomla?

    I tried much better than ever, But cant get solution for this question. please Help Me!!!
  3. sravan

    setting up smtp servers

    Plz tell me how to install a smtp server in the system. Tell me about one server and how to configure it so as to send mails through it plz its urgent..........
  4. H

    Mail in Java

    Hi, I have a requirement in my project, I need to run a check every day on a database and send a report of that database to a certain group of people. Now my problem is how to send an email using the JSP and servlet. I just need to send a plain text mail and i have the list of ppl and the...
  5. P

    outlook problem !!

    Friends i know that its a noob Question but i cant figure it out i am using the outlook Expressss for first time .I have got it connected to yahoo SMTP server.I do recieve the message from my yahoo id to it but i cant send any message. So can any one tell me what is the exact the problem all...
  6. nileshgr

    Help me configure fetchmail??

    This might sound funny to you. Please consider this as any other help request and help me. I need to configure fetchmail. I have install Webmin and Usermin which provide a webmail interface to use with fetchmail, mailx and sendmail. When i download mails from my Gmail Account, fetchmail tries to...

    Good SMTP mail service

    Anyone of you please suggest good free! SMTP mailing service (along with settings)which I can use for sending automated mails from my computer?
  8. ashfame

    SMTP Mail Server" for hotmail

    whts the value for "SMTP Mail Server" & "POP Mail Server" for hotmail. gotta USE it in a mass mailing software. pl reply asap. its urgent. edit: Its help file says "To send out your newsletters, you will need a SMTP account on a server" wt to do?
  9. naveen_reloaded

    phpbb problem..after easymod installation

    hi guys... i am having a phpbb forum in 110mb.com i tried to install easymod version 3.0 beta... the installation went half way thru when i realised that my host has safe mode on which does not easy mod to work ... ut it was too late as the installation process have replaced my...
  10. deepak.krishnan

    Dataone Account

    Hello friends I installed IncrediMail XP (email client).I have a dataone account and I want to access it using the client.How can I do it? (pop3 and smtp servers???)
  11. A

    smtp without authentication

    I am using SE k300i The email client on this phone does not support SMTP authentication so I need a server which can send mails without me authenticating on it. DO you know any such server plz plz help Dont tell me to run one of my own :evil:
  12. S

    [REQ] A Free Web hosting site that support SMTP mail service

    Hi ! I required a web site that support SMTP service with web hosting. I required it for testing my project . thanks :?:
  13. yrana2002

    smtp telnet problem

    i just learned how to log into the smtp server using telnet. I telnet to smra.sancharnet.in 25, after typing helo & entering mail from command, i type rcpt to: something@yahoo.com and get this error always, Relaying not allowed. :shock: Can anyone tell me what this is? Please don't...
  14. tuxfan

    Gmail SMTP (outgoing mails) not working

    I use gmail with OE6. Have set it up as mentioned on the gmail site. POP3 (incoming) is working, SMTP (outgoing) is not working :( Any solution?
  15. Hulo

    Free SMTP relay server

    I have a domain name and associated email adresses but no SMTP server to send mails. Anyone aware of any free SMTP servers / service I can use to send mails? I tried local server software like postcast server, but such softwares do not seem to work on my computer. So I want a free SMTP server
  16. A

    SMTP settings - VSNL conflict with Sify

    Hi.. i have both sifybroadband and Tata Indicom VSNL Dial up Account. I use the mail id for the vsnl a/c but use the sify a/c to surf. Now ms outlook 2003 is configured for the VSNL connection but it only recieves the mails but doesnt sends any. I called up Cust Care and he said that i can send...
  17. mediator

    How to Work with sendmail and smtp!

    Q1: I tried a lot but i dunno how to work with sendmail and smtp! Please tell me how to work wwith sendmail ! I used smtp like "telnet some.mailserver.com 25".Connected ok. blah blah! then, RCPT TO:name@another.mailserver.com But insted of 250 ok! I get relaying error and authentication...
  18. S

    SMTP Error while sending emails using outlook express

    i am using hutch internet connection i want to configure Outlook Express for my emails, for my sancharnet account i have configured a new mail account in Outlook express, and i am able to receive my mails but i am not able to send the mails because of some SMTP error i have checked the...
  19. jamesbond007

    SMTP mail

    How can an anonymous mail be sent through SMTP protocol. I have an email account in yahoo, but yahoo doese'nt allow us to send mail directly by logging to the smtp.mail.yahoo.com on port 25. I would like to know if there are any sites where I can create an account and send mail...
  20. T

    OUTLOOK how to configure with emails of Yahoo, MSN. POP3?

    Please tell me about the above problem and POP3, SMTP, NNTP etc by TVB RAJU
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