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  1. Harshverma

    Modular or not

    Should a buy a modular SMPS , as i want best cable management on corsair 500R? Please recommend me best SMPS for Fx8350 + R9-280X + 4x2GB RAM 1600Mhz. Corsair CX600 vs GS600 vs CX600M vs TX650 vs TX650M
  2. blackpearl

    Corsair VS550 or CX430?

    I'm on the lookout for a new SMPS for my PC of modest configuration (i3 2100, 8GB RAM, G210 Gfx card, 1SSD + 2HDD, 1 DVD drive) The Corsair VS550 and Corsair CX430 falls within my budget, but I'm confused which one to go for. Corsair VS550 550 Watt PSU - Corsair: Flipkart.com Corsair SMPS...
  3. A

    which is best .......

    which of these boards Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H and Intel DZ75ML-45K offer better performance with a i3 3220 CPU and iball cabinet with smps is a good choice ?
  4. R

    SMPS not working

    My FSP Saga II died yesterday issue is motherboard is getting standby voltage (led on MB) is green. But when I press power no turning on Also tried to short 13th and 14th I think(black and) no fan Since it is providing standby voltage, I'd there any chance any fuse inside blown...
  5. R

    SMPS suggestion

    My old FSP Saga II 500W smps died today, after working for 2 years 9 months kindly suggest new smps 1)System specification are Motherboard. : M5A97 R2.0 Processor : AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Monitor : Benq G2220HD 22 , Cabinet : COOLER MASTER Elite 310 Ram : CORSAIR (2+4+4)GB 240-Pin...
  6. S

    How much wattage required for AMD/ATI HD 7850 2 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card..??

    Well I would like to know how much watts of power does "AMD/ATI HD 7850 2 GB" needs.. because I'm planning to buy it and I have a Corsair SMPS CX430 430 Watts PSU in my mind too.. Is 430 watts enough for it..??
  7. vineetrok

    Suggst SMPS for my config

    I have the config as follows: Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H Processor: Intel i3 3220 Graphics: ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 AMP! Edition 2 GB GDDR5 Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 1Tb ( ST1000DM003) and Samsung 840 Series 120 GB SSD Internal HDD RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR3 8 GB (1 x 8 GB) I...
  8. P

    No Display after HD 7750 inserted?

    Guys, a problem here. I just bought an Antec VP450P smps and a new Power Color HD7750 1GB DDr5. I brought them home, installed the SMPS first, started the PC and it worked like it should. (that means smps correctly installed) And then I opened up the gfx card, plugged in the PCIe, connected the...
  9. R

    PC Restarts often!!! :-(

    Hello Friends, My PC Config: Intel Pentium D 2.8Ghz., 1Gb + 512MB DDR Ram, WD 512GB HDD, Lg DVD WR, FSP SAGA || 500W, 15" LCD Monitor, Microsoft K/B mouse combo, Windows XP service pack 2. My PC started restarting few dayz ago without warning. I was Downloading stuff from the Internet...
  10. Jags

    Yet another SMPS / PSU query!

    I am posting this question after reading through a lot of SMPS post on thinkdigit. Because of this post: http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/power-supply-cabinets-mods/104472-basic-guide-right-power-supply.html I am inclined towards the costlier PSUs and also my desktop recently stopped working and...
  11. L

    Wattage of the SMPS required to run the following system

    Dear Support Desk, I recently purchased Asus Xonar D2X (sl No - 14YACM002641). I inserted it in the PCI-E slot and connected the 4 pin floppy drive power cable with the power pin of the sound card. But after that when I switch on the power, no display is coming to the screen. My PC config is...
  12. P

    which smps is better local 600 watt or branded 45watt?

    my system spec as follows: Cpu- amd phenom x4 9650 2.3ghz Vga- HIS HD6670 1gb gddr5 Ram- 2x2gb ddr2 HDD- 2Xsamsung 320gb psu- techcom 460watt dvd writer with motherboard asus m2n68-am plus. i want to upgrade my psu but i m confused which one is will be better. corsair vs450 is good for...
  13. S

    Recommend some good SMPS

    Hello. I am looking to buy new Power supply for my PC. My PC config is- core i3 - 2120 2'nd generation Gigabyte B75M-D3H mobo 6 Gb DDR RAM 2TB + 1TB + 500 GB HDD right now I am using some cheap quality SMPS which has 450w output.I have checked some good quality SMPS like...
  14. S

    Need troubleshooting tip for desktop?

    Hi, Fed-up with my desktop that is getting switchedoff randomly. Problem may be in SMPS or in M/B. As a solution first I want to replace the SMPS as it will be cheap than M/B. However I bought this iball smps 5 months back only but how to prove to their service center that it has this problem...
  15. S

    New PC- Which is better: Intel or AMD and then the best suited hardwares.

    Hello Guys! I have a design & drawing job. Softwares that i am planning to work on are Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper, 3DS Max, aCAD and CS4 Suite. While mulitastking I could use CAD with any of the other mostly. Not much of a gaming freak so you can ignore it. Budget I could stretch to 50k max...
  16. bubusam13

    PSU for server needed to run 24*7

    Hi, 2 of our Wipro Netpower rack servers are down because of PSU. Actually the redundant SMPS are fine but the IC panel (dono't know what its called) is not working. SMPS are hot swappable. The circuit that switch to another SMPS is one fails is not working. The circuit that you see in the...
  17. X

    Semi-Rig upgrade. Components almost finalised, need suggestions.

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? ERDAS, ArcInfo, Oracle, Adobe suite (PS, LR, Premier pro) Not much of a gamer really. The PC will remain on for days together after image processing batches are queued up. 2. What is your...
  18. V

    required a cpu within 7k-8k

    guys i need a suggestion for a cpu thts is proccy + mobo + ram within 7k-8k. since i hv psu with a 400watt smps plz provide suggestion keeping in mind tht smps.. also the basic purpose will some office work as well as movie watching and stuff.... but no gaming. also the pc will be running 24...
  19. mandarpalshikar

    Require upgrade over TX650V2 to power my crossfirex setup

    Friends... take a look at my rig in signature and suggest a solid PSU. Budget - around 10k. Reason is that I'm worried if I OC my gfx cards along with proccy, TX650V2 wont be able to provide enough juice to them, its more than a year old now. I will be adding two 120MM Fans as well in my case to...
  20. S

    Weird HDD Behaviour and Clicking Sound !!!

    Hi Folks, I have an external HDD assembled using a 3.5" 1 TB SATA internal HDD and a casing. The unit was powered by the casing adapter and all worked fine until we had a power fluctuation and after that, the drive was not detected and kept creating clicking sounds. Going through various...
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