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  1. A

    VIP 500 watt Smps

    Hello I want to know the price for VIP 500 watt SMPS . Please tell me the price of smps and tell me if i can go for any other smps . no matter of Budget My specification is Pentium D 805 Intel D102GGC2 Mobo 2X1Gb ram 667 MHZ XFX 8600 GT GDDR3 256MB Card PixelView Pro 3 Card 2 Hard drives Hitachi...
  2. confused!!

    UPS not working

    Well while I was playing Transformers yesterday, my SMPS and UPS suddenly stopped working:x:x...My SMPS actually fried and I replaced it. So my CPU is working fine now Regarding my UPS, when I switch it on, the beep sound is audible and it does not respond to the power supply provided to it Is...
  3. mavihs

    Buying Help - GPU+PSU+DVD Writer

    guys, i need to buy a PSU & a DVD Writer by this tomorrow or at least by friday. my budget for the SMPS & DVD are 5K i need the SMPS to be able to handle one HD 4850. i need the DVD writer with a SATA connector & good reliability!!! i don't know when i'm going to buy the GPU, might be this week...
  4. nishant_nms

    Suggest a value for money SMPS for my rig

    I have got a Desktop with AMD 64 processor, 2 GB RAM, 2 Hard disk, 1 DVD writer. Recently my SMPS has started to bleed. So now I need a new SMPS. I will also buy a graphic card may be Geforce 9800/HD 4850. So now suggest me a SMPS wich can easily power my rig.
  5. A

    suggest good graphics card, psu and ram.

    here is the config i prefer to buy Processor --- Intel Pentium Dual Core E5200 - 3500 Motherboard --- Gigabyte GA-EG31M-S2 - 2550/ asus P5KPL cm Hard Disk - Western Digital 500GB , 16MB - 2875 DVD Writer - Samsung Sata 20x - 1200 Cabinet - Zebronics Bijli - 1000 Monitor -...
  6. Vensanga

    Cooler master cabinet prices in Kolkata

    i am planning to buy a cooler master cabinet can you suggest me one without the smps as i already have one...my budget is around 3000..
  7. Vensanga

    Pliz help...

    My config.. as i suggest Core2duo - E8400 Grafix - Palit 4850 Sonic Ram Corsair 4gb Western digital 500gb Hp dvd1070 DVD rom Smps - Coolermaster 600watts Lcd Samsung 19inch cabinet - around rs3000 and Motherboard-Pliz specify for me..
  8. R

    SMPS problem....or other ???

    SMPS problem...Help me plz much worried!!!!!? My sys config :: Quad core processor , Intel Classic series DG33FB mother board , 2 GB RAM , 160 GB SATA HD , XFX Geforce 9800GTX Graphics card....500VA APC UPS , 600 Watts CIRCLE Smps.. I face random restart problems.Sometimes the computer restrts...
  9. Q

    CPU Overheating

    My CPU was overheating and then i took it to a vendor who repairs it without changing any of the hardwares (as far as i know as i was not charged) ... And now the same thing happens (Overheating again) .. So the answer i am looking for is "What the vendor had done to repair it the first time i...
  10. A


    Dear All, please help me to choose cabinet between Zebronics Bijli with SMPS and iBall Stunner cabinet with SMPS. which one is better?? Please help me. Thanks
  11. fordac

    Which SMPS should i buy???

    Hi friends, i am here with another question. I need to buy a branded SMPS as i have power problem in my system. First of all my system configuration below Intel Core2Duo @ E4500 2.20GHz 4GB 800Mhz Transcend DDR2 RAM 320GB SATA HDD + 80GB SATA HDD...
  12. tanmoy_Siliguri

    All Types of Hardware problems

    I have a Pentium-D(2.8Ghz,800Mhz),2GB ram,DG965RY Motherboard,Palit ATI 4670,Intex tv tuner card... I used my pc from last 2years but there was no problem...after I change my card to 4670...still all okey....but from past 2weeks somtimes my pc turn off without any notification..but still I can...
  13. ajai5777

    Psu and graphic card

    I heard of psu many times in this forum but didnt understand actually. Does it relate to power supply? If i buy a graphic card for my system do i need a separate power supply? I have no idea about the specifications of my smps , currently a 7200GS is working in it.i want to buy a 9500GT or...
  14. anzaan

    BSOD.. machine chec exception... frequent restart... failt to restart

    hi ppl.. my system is going thru a really bad phase. i hv an AMD 64 bit processr bougt in 2005. 512 mb RAM i gt BSOD(blank screen of death) wit the machine_check_exception also my system restarts frequently also sometimes it simply refuses to start before a few try. there was a short...
  15. arpanmukherjee1

    8600 gt unproductive

    hi people,, comp_cfg dual cor 2.8ghz, 2gb ram 945gc mb nvidia 8600gt 512mb it does not play eve the HD vid of digit dvd. initially smps was of 350 w changed it to 450W without any effect. plays trackmania at very low frame rate. dont know what to do with it.... plz help.
  16. R

    Is this OK ?

    probably I am going to buy this rig next week ..............it will be primarily for moderate gaming, surfing, watching movie etc. (no overclocking for the time being......will try later) Processor : Intel E5200...
  17. fordac

    Zebronics Antibiotics Cabinet-Need Help

    Hi friends, I have a Zebronics Antibiotic Cabinet and is it possible for me to connect 2 SMPS in it. Also i would like to know whether the Zebronics pro series SMPS are providing True Power. Is it advisable to use 2 normal SMPS for a system or should i opt for a Pro series...
  18. mahesh

    Your view on the following configurations.

    Hai my friend needs a pc in the range of 20k-23k mainly for gaming. What abt the following configurations. I dont need monitor, ups, cabinet, mouse and keyboard. Also if possible please tell me each one's price. Also the availablity in india(i am from trivandrum, kerala). E7200 ABit Ip 35-E 2...
  19. Tenida

    My upgrade

    I am planning to buy 1) Asus P5Q P-45 Chipset 2) Intel core 2 Duo E8200 3)Zion 2 Gb DDR2 800 MHz of RAM. 4)Zebronics Reaper Cabinet without SMPS 5)Seagate 250 Gb Sata 2 HDD and I have 1) Cooler Master 500 Watt smps 2) XFX 8600 Gt 256 DDR3 And my question is :- 1)Cooler Master Smps...
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