PC Restarts often!!! :-(


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Hello Friends,
My PC Config:
Intel Pentium D 2.8Ghz., 1Gb + 512MB DDR Ram, WD 512GB HDD, Lg DVD WR, FSP SAGA || 500W, 15" LCD Monitor, Microsoft K/B

mouse combo, Windows XP service pack 2.
My PC started restarting few dayz ago without warning.
I was Downloading stuff from the Internet Hub.
I have cross checked for various issues I could but could figure it out correctly!
-> Tried Format PC but it would restart in mid of the process.
-> Ran Chk disk in the windows repair mode using XP cd. it found bad sectors and would restart while repairing.!
-> Got Motherboard and HDD ( GigaByte GA A55M DS2, Seagate 250GB) from my cousin and tried running PC. It ran smoothly for some while and again the same problem started ( @ that time my old HDD was also connected to this config)
->So I disconnected the old HDD but now couldnt format the new HDD.
-> Returned the hardware to my cousin it did run alright on his machine ( installed windows 7 ) and is havin no problem yet.
-> Now I'm confused if their is a problem in my HDD or SMPS or Cabinet wiring system!!
I could not borrow his SMPS to cross check.
But plz anyone can suggest me a solution here.

Forgot to mention:
@ the time my cousins hardware started restarting, I once logged in safemode. PC would not restart but in normal mode it would restart as soon as i logged in my user profile.
-> Succeeded once in formatting PC but as soon as I installed Mobo drivers from CD. it got worst.
I doubt if my Monitor resolution support can also be a problem as its very old and have changed its adapter once too. or the SMPS as its unable to support the wattage required at high resolution settings.
Please help me with this
> Which PSU/AMPS do you have?

> How long ago did you apply the thermal paste on the CPU?

I think it's a heat issue. You should get a good aftermarket thermal paste and do a fresh, clean application. Other than this, make sure your PC is clean and you have adequate air circulation.


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Hello Harshil,
PSU: FSP Saga || 500W, bought a 1 &1/2 year ago.
About the thermal paste: I guess its not the issue as mentioned above I tried another motherboard having its own procy installed on it ( Procy: AMD A6 2.6GHz, Mobo: GigaByte GA - A55M-DS2) which are running fine now at my cousins home.


start>control panel>system>startup and recovery>advanced>disable automatic restart on failure.

do you have an SSD?
have you tried leaving the PC in BIOS to check if it shuts down there?
If your PC shuts down in BIOS without the HDD connected, then your PSU or mobo is faulty
If you PC can stay ON in BIOS with HDD and all peripherals connected, then your Pirated OS is to blame.
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