1. patkim

    Looking for PS2 Keyboard with 'Power Sleep Wake' function buttons

    I am looking for a PS2 keyboard with Power Sleep Wake function buttons. While I search online, I don't find any with these buttons. Some mention in their description but on product photo these buttons are not there. Does anyone know any brand that makes such a PS2 keyboard with Power Sleep Wake...
  2. gdebojyoti

    Sleep or hibernate results in shut down | Windows 10 laptop

    Last month I upgraded my laptop's OS from Windows 8.1 to 10. Everything was running smoothly. Then last week when I was trying to start up my laptop, an error came up stating that it couldn't boot (unfortunately I cannot recall the exact error message). Options such as 'Startup Repair' didn't...
  3. B

    Lenovo Z5070 with Ubuntu 15.04 doesnot wakeup after suspend

    Hi I have a Lenovo Z5070 running Ubuntu 15.04. It throws a blank screen while waking up from sleep and doesnot not allow resuming. Anyone else facing this issue?
  4. F

    PC doesnt wakeup

    Hi, I am currently facing an Issue with my PC When It goes to Sleep it doesnt wake up somtimes (Basically hangs in sleep, numlock light doesnt change) and even after pressing the reset (or holding the shudown and then starting) the pc fans and stuff start running but the PC doesnt Boot I...
  5. K

    I can't sleep..Need HELP !!

    Its 2.30 am and I can't sleep. This happens all the time. Every Night. What shall I do. Please help !! PS: Don't refer me a Doctor!!
  6. patkim

    VPCYB15AG Power scheme not working correctly

    I have VPCYB15AG Sony Vaio Laptop more than 2 years old. Now I notice that the Power scheme does not work correctly. It's set to go in Sleep Mode after 20 Mins of inactivity and Monitor off after 10 Mins but it just does not work. OS is Win 7 Ultimate. The LCD screen Close --> Sleep mode works...
  7. Harsh Pranami

    Need help from HP pavilion G6 series users

    So I recently opened my laptop and cleaned the heat sink. It was clogged with dirt and the laptop was overheating. Everything went fine and the overheating problem was resolved. But now there's a bigger problem. Windows doesn't recognize the closing of lid anymore. Whenever I close the lid my...
  8. D

    Which is the most scariest horror movie?

    Hi, I've watched Sinister & Insidious. Now, I am looking for the most scariest horror movie which will disturb my sleep. Tell me guys which you found the most scariest. Thanks!
  9. axelzdly1

    I need a serious change damn it! Can anyone help?

    I'm 19 .I think I really need to change my life-style.. My typical day goes like.. I wake up at 11 during my free days and then I start my PC, INTERNET ALL DAY! and go out a few times for 5 min or so.. and I sleep at 2 PM.. = 12 hours avg of computer..isnt that loong? I think most of the...
  10. chandan3

    Turn of sleep mode in window7

    when the time of instalation any game or software the lappy became sleep guys help me where i can turn of the sleep mode in win7
  11. Nemes!s

    Computer doesn't wake up from sleep mood !!!

    As the title says, Computer doesn't wake up from sleep mood. The power on/off button just keep blinking. OS - Win7 cpu config - in my signature Any suggestions ? Many thanks in advance
  12. RCuber

    Following Strict Sleep Cycle. [Yawn]

    Its about time. I have a horrible sleep cycle , sleep at 4 or 5 AM and get up at say 9 or 10, if I dont feel like going to office then I wake up at 4 PM :/ this is causing serious health issues and I need to reset it .. I am sure I am not the only one having these kind of problems. I found...
  13. Bytebolt

    UPS without that irritating BEEP sound

    Hi friends, I want a UPS that can run my home basic config for at least 1/2 hour and doesn't make any of those irritating beep sounds as i have to sleep at night while downloading files in the same room :-D Any recommendations !!! ???
  14. S

    Need a power-cut solution

    This is insane,totally insane! I mean this is 21st century and still so long unpredictable power-cuts that too on a regular basis!What the hell!! Indian Government sucks totally!! I have been quite for a very long!But now no more.In my area,the power cuts are not predicted and neither...
  15. R

    Monitor doesn't wake from standby

    I bought a computer 4 days back [as detailed in this thread] my config is as follows: processor - Intel Core i5 2500k motherboard - GIGABYTE GA-Z77P-D3 HDD - Seagate/Western Digital 1TB HDD [7200 rpm, 64 mb cache] RAM - G Skill ripjawsx 1600mhz DDR3 8 GB Graphics Card Sapphire HD 7870 OC Case...
  16. windchimes

    Dell Studio 15 Problem

    Hi guys, I am using a DELL STUDIO 15.Since a week or more my laptop goes to sleep all of a sudden or if I tilt the monitor or move the laptop in certain cases. On a couple of occasions it just restarted rather than getting back from the sleep mode. What is wrong here?? Any idea? Want to...
  17. F

    Asus P8z68 V Pro MB - Sleep Mode Help

    Anyone know how to get this mobo out of sleep mode? After a few minutes this mobo goes into sleep/hibernate mode and I cannot login remotely to the pc since it thinks its off. I disabled the "Internal PLL Overvoltage" in UEFI BIOS.
  18. S

    Durable keyboard with Wrist Pad (Palm Rest), Volume & Sleep Control

    Hi Please tell me a durable keyboard with Wrist Pad (Palm Rest), Volume & Sleep Control at least possible budget thanks
  19. K

    Headphone for around 4-5k

    I was looking to buy an over the ear headphone no specific use .. some gaming, music, movies .. a bit of everything hoping to get something that is durable as well as i sometimes sleep with them on any suggestions ? how is senn HD 448 /HD 555 or HD 280
  20. ayushman9

    Strange auto disconnect problem in windows 7

    i m using windows 7 64 bit & BSNL dataone 500 plan about 1 week ago ,there was some construction going on to widen the roads and as expected BSNL connection got haywire because of the side effects .Any way the problem got solved about 4 days back and net is back online However a new...
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