Monitor doesn't wake from standby


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I bought a computer 4 days back [as detailed in this thread]

my config is as follows:

processor - Intel Core i5 2500k
motherboard - GIGABYTE GA-Z77P-D3
HDD - Seagate/Western Digital 1TB HDD [7200 rpm, 64 mb cache]
RAM - G Skill ripjawsx 1600mhz DDR3 8 GB
Graphics Card Sapphire HD 7870 OC
Case - Cooler Master Elite 430
Optical Drive - Sony DVD RW
Monitor - BENQ 21.5in FULL HD Monitor

for cooling - packaged intel heatsink, case fan [front intake], side 2000rpm LED fan [outtake] and rear 2000rpm LED fan [outtake].

On the whole, everything is working well.

However, it has happened twice so far [at an interval of about 24 hours] that the monitor has gone into sleep mode [i've set it to automatically sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity] and then not woken in spite of clicking, multiple key presses etc. Even switching it off and on doesn't help - it goes straight into sleep mode without anything else appearing on the screen. as my cabinet has a transparent window I can see the computer working perfectly well -- and I don't see the hard drive access light on.

Both times, i've been forced to switch off the computer using the button on the cabinet and then switch it on again [immediately] and it has worked fine after that - meaning the monitor switches on and works normally.

some notes:

1. I've used a dvi cable to connect the monitor to the graphics card - and i've already unplugged and replugged it.

2. the ac has been on for quite some time in my room on both ocassions - so heating shouldn't be an issue. I use core temp and a gpu temperature widget - and so far neither has shown temperatures to be out of normal range. The gpu idling temperature is usually around 30-34 C, while the processor cores are at 40-45 C.

3. the first time this happened, kaspersky internet security 2012 was running a full system scan. The second a few tabs of chrome were open but no system intensive tasks were being carried out.

I am utterly perplexed by this. any help would be greatly appreciated.
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