1. sourishzzz1234

    Windows 7 not going to sleep mode

    I have Windows 7 installed in C:\ and Fedora 12 on different partition...i installed the fedora later so the boor loader is grub.....but after installing Fedora i have noticed that though my PC worked fine with both the OSs but in Windows 7,sleep mode doesnt work.... on pressing the sleep...
  2. joey_182

    HP Laptop doesnt sleep

    Hey I am facing strange problem with HP pavilion dv4(Win 7) The laptop does not sleep when i click on sleep button. it just come back to normal mode in fraction of second after screen goes out. but the strange thing is laptop does sleep , when it is not plugged in to charger. I did peek...
  3. liquidsnake

    wake up from standby

    hello guys i was wondering whether i could get a software to wake up from sleep since i configured my lappy to sleep @ 3% battery but i want my lappy to wake up when power comes but couldnt find any solution till now there is no wake on power option in my laptop & i am using Zenith director...
  4. H


    Hi I have a compaq Presario V3000 laptop using Vista home. I face a problem with my Pointer (Synaptics touch pad), That once the computer is not in use for some time and goes to sleep, on waking up the pointer disappears and I have to restart the system to get it back. This happens even if I...
  5. ionicsachin

    How to put a delay in execution in a C program?

    Hiii, I wanted to know how to put a delay of milliseconds or seconds at any step in a C program. On googling i came across sleep(), but its not a standard C funtion. Any suggestions?
  6. max_demon

    Why freshseasons seasons was banned?

    One reason why????????? was he spamming? was he breaking forum rules? was he posting offensive messages? was he fighting with ninjas? ....the answer is no to all the questions above , then why this happned ? i remembered why praka123 (with that avatar of the cat whith attitude ) was...
  7. K

    Laptop in Sleep Mode

    Hi I want to know whether my applications will stop working in sleep mode. Ex. I am running winamp & my laptop goes into sleep mode. Will it continue to play..??? Regards Sudhir
  8. G

    Vista and OpenSUSE; Hibernate, Sleep/Suspend Error

    Previously, in my dell laptop with vista the sleep and hibernate used to work fine and great. And i have now created a dual boot system of OpenSUSE 11.1 and Vista. And now the Sleep and Hibernate feature of vista does't work neither works the hibernate and suspend of OpenSUSE. Can anybody tell...
  9. Sathish

    The Mystery of the Scary Metallic Sound

    One of my recent readings.. The experience of Supriya Mavinkurve Finally, we boarded the Udyan Express at Mumbai to attend a wedding ceremony in Bangalore. A quick survey of the co-passenger revealed that my journey would be peaceful, without the usual chaos caused by crying children or...
  10. Disc_Junkie

    Seen Nightmares!!! Post them here

    Hey I am starting a thread on the Nightmares. When we sleep with some mystic problems in our mind or after watching some ghost movies we have a chance of seeing nightmares during sleep as the pictures of ghosts we have revolves in our brain:confused:. We really find it difficult to escape from...
  11. Mohnishgs

    vista suffering from insomnia???

    whenever i try to put vista into sleep mode, it goes into sleep and as soon as the hdd light goes off the pc comes out of sleep immediately, what do i do???
  12. shift

    Anyone here play Deer Hunter 2005?

    do u play play Deer Hunter 2005? i got one 3 days back this game cant make me sleep i've been playing online for 3 continuous days even when i sleep, i used to see it in my dream...........LOL am so addicted to this game.........
  13. panacea_amc

    SLEEP: how much u do?

    a querry in my mind how much do u sleep per day? how much is just enuf for a working man. i try to do 5 hrs. thanks
  14. mayanks_098

    Its 3:00 am in the morning & i cant sleep,know why?

    As the post title says,its already 3:00 am in the morning and i cant even think of sleep. Wana know why? Because of this "thing" in my bedroom. I was going to the switch panel to switch on the fan so that i can study when something on the wall caught my attention and discovered this...
  15. ayushman9

    How to automate Downloading

    Hii . I am a frequent downloader of big files using torrent . Now I have a BSNL 500 plan ,ie unlimited from 2 to 8 am . It become quite taxing to wake in night ,go to pc ,start it ,wait for link ,then connect ,start the torrent and sleep . Of course shutdown is not a problem ,but then...
  16. Voldy

    Sleep can help obese children lose weight

    Parents should encourage obese children to sleep more, as a simple way to help them lose weight, say experts. With each additional hour of sleep, the risk of a child being overweight or obese drops by nine per cent, concludes a study of studies by a team at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School...
  17. New

    How many hours do you sleep per day?

    Just answer my question. I need at least 7 hours per day else I can't sit in front of my system.So I am going to sleep now.
  18. Voldy

    Study links daytime sleeping to stroke risk

    People who doze off while watching television or reading a newspaper could be at high risk of suffering a stroke, scientists say. Researchers found that the risk of having a stroke went up by two- to four-fold in those who often fell asleep inadvertently during the day. Dr Bernadette...
  19. gary4gar

    Finding & fixing problem with cron

    i schedule my downloads with cron, but from past few, it isn't working(no downloads). and i need to help to first find the the problem & then fixing it. my crontab looks like # m h dom mon dow command 10 2 * * * 10 2 * * * DISPLAY=:0.0 /opt/azureus/azureus 13 2 * * * wget -ci...
  20. ajaybc

    How do I change the default Sleep button in Start menu to Shutdown

    Microsoft has changed the default turn off button in the start menu to sleep button in Windows Vista which is annoying.. Is there any way to change it to shutdown? Please reply
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