Headphone for around 4-5k


Broken In
I was looking to buy an over the ear headphone

no specific use .. some gaming, music, movies .. a bit of everything

hoping to get something that is durable as well as i sometimes sleep with them on
any suggestions ?

how is senn HD 448 /HD 555 or HD 280


Cyborg Agent
Most VFM right now. suites your needs very well.

JVC HA-RX900 @4200/-

Though it is not available in india. You've source it from NY...

Available option:-

KMD @ TechEnclave <---- Slow & Reliable.

ICCworld.com <---- Very fast & Reliable.

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If you need for Real 5.1 channel headphone then go for Rocat Kave,

Make sure you have 3 output in your PC to support this True 5.1 channel Headphone.

Saw PrimeABGB website @5400/-. This is a true 5.1 gaming headphone.
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