1. fun2sh

    HOW long can a lappy run in sleep mode??

    hey guys i just noticed that wen i resumed my lappy (havin a backup of 2.5hrs) from the sleep mode then for few seconds vista showed a backup time of 64 hrs :shock: so guys has any1 tried this to see how long can a lappy run in sleep mode. wat r the accurate power consumption in sleep...
  2. dreamcatcher

    To Bed and Out!!!

    hey guys wen do u peaple go to sleep and wake up in the ur timings..gonna be fun.. i sleep at round 2 at night till bout 8-8 30...well my record is however frm 10 at night to 10 in the morn....BEAT ur timings..
  3. gsoul2soul

    Strange... No install

    Well... i have a trail version of "Photoshop CS 3" Which i could run on my pc before... now after i formatted the computer and all... i can't seem to get the Setup.exe to work you know... it starts and after few seconds it just closes !!! With no Error window... or any Error message. I...
  4. J

    how do i SLEEP ?

    how can you set your computer for SLEEP as in television????
  5. N

    Automatic shutdown software

    I've got a broadband connection that's free till 8 am. That means every day I've to interrupt my sleep to pause downloads, close Net connection and switch off the computer. Is there a tried and tested software that can do all of this: Shutdown programs like Limewire and Bittorrent...
  6. M

    only motherboard gets powered up...

    Last night, i pressed the sleep button on the keyboard to see what it would do. i got logged out and the screen said either preparing to standby or preparing to sleep. i booted it back up (it booted normally; didn't go to the welcome screen), and did it again. it was blinking like it was on...
  7. V

    Mobile Number

    can i get more information about mobile number? Atleast the provider and the city. This number have been disturbing my sleep with miss calls. Number : 9324368706
  8. Maverick340

    Sleep Pc,Sleep

    I love listrening to songs be4 going to sleep ....but the problem is that i sleep of and my pc remains on for a long time be4 shutting down (4hrs)...i wanted a software thet shus my pc down at a particular time ....I treid to google 4 it but all the ones i got were big or shareware .....Any...
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