Dell Studio 15 Problem


Can you hear it..??
Hi guys,

I am using a DELL STUDIO 15.Since a week or more my laptop goes to sleep all of a sudden or if I tilt the monitor or move the laptop in certain cases.

On a couple of occasions it just restarted rather than getting back from the sleep mode.

What is wrong here?? Any idea? Want to get the system back to the normal state badly :(


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All of a sudden? I think its a power saving mode of the Laptop.



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The problem is weird but just want to confirm is your battery loosely connected? (It may be the reason for sudden restart). For sleep case, check the power settings and what does the closing lid does.


Can you hear it..??
Battery is placed firmly.Power setting is fine and I am not sure why it goes to sleep mode when I move the display lid. No settings is assigned there.
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