Following Strict Sleep Cycle. [Yawn]


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Its about time. I have a horrible sleep cycle , sleep at 4 or 5 AM and get up at say 9 or 10, if I dont feel like going to office then I wake up at 4 PM :/ this is causing serious health issues and I need to reset it .. I am sure I am not the only one having these kind of problems.

I found one interesting video



Broken In
wake up to get to office : 6.45-7 am
WORK or something like that all day
get back home from work : 9pm
9-10pm : social interactions, calls, mebbe dinner
10pm to ??? : gaming .. mostly till 2 or 3 am these days as work is tiring

and yes I agree schedules are a killer, and mostly would spend a whole day in a sleepy haze if by some chance I sleep a bit later than normal


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I too had a very bad sleeping cycle. 3-4 am sleep, and wake up at 1-2 pm :(

But gradually, I've changed it to 1-2am to 9-11am.

First and foremost disturbing thing is mobile and Internet. If I can side away with these things, then timing is improved drastically.

I also lessened social interaction.

Plus, to wake up early, proper "morning light" should come into your room, otherwise you wouldn't even come to know it's morning as it happened with me a lot :D.

Lastly, good luck :)

PS: Don't leave office.


3-4 to 7-8 while Exams (Currently going on :( )
And 4 to 1PM while leaves (Holidays :D )
Sometimes Dad changes the time to 12-6 :(
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