1. S

    Whats your favorite humor/tp site?

    Was just searching on net for some good rare humor.Most of the sites had the old ghisepite jokes. I somewhat liked LiQUiD CheeZ - Fun just got yummier, though it had quality content but still the quantity needs to be much more. What’s your fav tp site?
  2. Flash [403 - Forbidden: Access is denied]

    So, whenever i tries to open the site - it shows ACCESS IS DENIED. Online proxies are the only way to visit the site. Anyone is having the same problem? Any other alternative ways to visit the site?
  3. Mr.Kickass

    Pirate Bay Goes Down Again

    Pirate Bay Goes Down Again [Up again] (Source) Last time that I checked in was, between 1am - 2am while it was down. The original .se domain is down, but if you use, then it works as of now, 0249 Hours IST via my Tata Docomo. Proxies might be working, though I didn't check them.
  4. Mr.Kickass

    Kickass Torrents Taken Down By Domain Name Seizure

    Kickass Torrents Taken Down By Domain Name Seizure [Update: Moved to] The downtime lasted for less than a few minutes. They are up now.
  5. N

    Lenovo Z510 (i7) Very Annoying Problems

    1. When i Right Click On My Desktop Screen, It takes 5-10 Seconds To show Context Menu 2. When I make Online Payment On any Site & Reach On Payment Page It Shows This Webpage Is Not Available (Tried Different Browser & Different Sites But Problem Exists) 3. Conservation Mode In Energy Manager...
  6. A

    Network Problem..

    I have a BSNL Broadband service and i use a netgear modem DGN1000.... the problem is that some of the site like irctc,better photography,yahoomail cant be accessed... but if i use vpn or tor or proxy then only these site can be the problem is from bsnl or modem or some other...
  7. .jRay.

    Seller Query Shopclues or ebay?

    i want to buy lg hbs730 bluetooth headset and so far i found some good deals that seem reliable 1. Shopclues. 2. eBay. 3. flipkart Which site should i go for? I would prefer flipkart but i dont have experience from sellers other than WS Retail. Should i trust shopclues or...
  8. adityak469


    Not sure where to put this so putting it up here. PayUMoney is somewhat a kind of gateway to complete your online transactions. Anyways the reason I'm posting it here is the great random discounts you get. PayU applies random discounts ranging from 4%-10% (maximum being Rs100 tho) on...
  9. M

    Internet problem? Compatibility issue?

    I have BSNL broadband connection to my home pc. Since last 3 days, I am facing unusual internet problem. On Chrome & FF, union bank and icici direct site not open & other regular site like Techenclave, GMail etc takes reasonable time. This was not witnessed before I changed mobo-new...
  10. Xai

    Gamestheshop - Reliable?

    Hey guys, I stumbled upon a good offer for FFXIV: ARR on this site: Buy Final Fantasy XIV: Online online PC, in India at the best price : Is this site reliable for online purchase? Anybody has experience with them? On that note, anybody playing FFXIV: ARR?
  11. G

    TDF is the only site that does not open from home

    As the title says for the last one and half days I could not open this site or this forum from home. Initially I thought the site might have been down but now I am at work and its working fine. Every other common site work for me without a problem. What can I do ? Thanks.
  12. Charley

    Site/App to watch FIFA World Cup Football

    I want to see the live world cup football matches. Which site or app is Best?
  13. vedula.k95

    All Wordpress Mafias Help Me out.

    hey guys these days i am referring to Wordpress Site Tutorial of in 2010) and right now i have downloaded Bitnami + Wordpress bundle *i have some question in my mind do i have to use Wamp or it seems to me like the new bundle is already integrated with Mysql *i was blogging in...
  14. dashing.sujay

    IRCTC improved, finally !

    Well, how quick do you remember booking a tatkal ticket on IRCTC ? Been booking for years, I get to book every now and then a tatkal ticket, every week (coincidentally), so my experience said anything below 10:10 was very good; luck was on your side. But yesterday, I booked one at 10:05. Saw...
  15. Raaabo

    New site feedback thread - June 2014 - 13th Anniversary

    Thanks to the amazing efforts and vision of Soham - Chainsaw - and team, we have a spanking new site to celebrate our 13th Anniversary. There are also small changes to the forum that you can see immediately, and there will also be more changes coming to the forum (for the better) during the rest...
  16. krishnandu.sarkar

    Browser Displaying Only Text For A Specific Site

    Hi All, I'm facing a strange problem with a specific site, that it's only displaying the text, no images or CSS gets rendered. The problem is same on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer. But a strange thing is that this problem is only on Windows, not on Linux. I tried deleting the...
  17. G

    Help me!

    Hi guys, i've started afresh and my new Wordpress blog is I corrupted something while taking backup in my previous site and thought of starting afresh). I have installed a few plugins and havs some content, but when i checked with i get huge variations and even...
  18. Cool Buddy

    cPanel's AWStats & Statcounter not matching for my wordpress blog

    I have a blog hosted on Wordpress platform. I have hardly updated the blog for over a year now. Even at its peak some 20 months earlier, it used to get a maximum of 25000 hits per month. However, I received an email from the hosting company (outpower hosting) a few days back telling me that my...
  19. Cyberghost

    tropico 5 discussion.

    I played tropico 4 which is a great game so I'm looking to buy Tropico 5. Can anyone show me a site where I can pre-order this game at indian pricing?
  20. G


    Guys i've built my first site Would like your reviews and feedbacks!
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