1. G

    Help me!

    Guys i have built a site at But soon started facing the lackness of the scope to learn withoout being selfhosted, and the disadvantages of not having a Proper domain name. So purchased from godaddy. I have now started building my website, and...
  2. T

    Macbook Parts

    i want to buy macbook which has retina display and good technical specification. Can you tell me any website or online shopping site?
  3. W

    Bitdefender Internet Security 6 months free[ Major Geeks giveaway]

    for those who missed the earlier 9 months giveaway here is another one from majorgeeks site: Exclusive Offer From Bitdefender & Majorgeeks
  4. Amithansda

    [HELP NEEDED]Starting My New Website

    I have a prior experience on ASP.Net aspx page coding, SQL server, MVC 3. I have created a site on my Local machine and tested on LAN. Now, my concern is how can I put my website online? I know I have to buy a domain, may be a shared server space. But I don't have a clear idea. And...
  5. kg11sgbg

    A help please regarding entry into the site

    I wonder why I am unable to browse or enter into the site posted in the magazine digit. The link being :---> ****** (here ***** refers to any article or fact or posts or whatsoever). How to enter the link and how do I read them? Please Help @TDF Friends.
  6. ASHISH65

    Facebook could lose 80 per cent of users by 2017 !

    Facebook may lose 80 percent of users by 2017: Study - Internet | ThinkDigit News Princeton engineers predict Facebook may lose 80% of users by 2017 - Technorati Social Media
  7. N

    Best Music Online Library_ Bollywood

    Which is the best site to listen to music but with correct filename tags attached ? I mean no Site's name in the end of it. So that one can easily sort music in a good way. I m not looking for software to edit tags . . just the site which doesnt promote itself in the tags .
  8. .jRay.

    Shipping fron US

    Shipping from US I want to buy some items from US as they are available a lot cheaper than they are here. I came across a post on this forum a long time ago which had a link to the site which ships to other countries. Sorry i forgot the name. All we have to do is give their local US address...
  9. D

    Best server for video hosting???

    Hello Guys, I am here to know that which server would be best for video hosting site like Bharatiya Dance | Indian Traditional Dances. Actually, I am having videos mostly from youtube but i may upload directly to this site. So guys please suggest me to choose best server for it. Thank You!
  10. D

    How to create a blog to link other sites

    Guys I need to know whether we can create a blog to link a site permanently...just like a proxy server doing it for different sites..Coz I need to create a blog to link a cricket live score site to it so that it is invisible for site blocking software used in my work Place :P :P
  11. furious_gamer

    Good online store to buy Nexus 5 32GB

    I tried many place, but ebay is giving me an weird issue. Like, whatever phone number i give, it says invalid number and suggest me to go for Mobile Verification. I tried several times and fed up. Also, i found a deal in How trustworthy this site is? Any other good reliable...
  12. Desmond

    isoHunt going to shutdown, pay MPAA $110 million

    Another casualty of the copyright police. Source : BitTorrent search site IsoHunt will shut down, pay MPAA $110 million | Ars Technica I wonder how long till The Pirate Bay follows suit.
  13. kg11sgbg

    Reliability of PIPO India site

    Well how much reliable is this site : PiPo India ?? How are PIPO Tablets in general? Any idea by anyone? Sorry, Moderators and Administrators,requesting to shift this thread to the "Shopping" section of @TDF
  14. Desmond

    Valve cooking something big....

    Valve has put up this teaser site with a countdown timer and announced that they are going to make three big announcements over the coming days. * Though I am skeptical that this has anything to do with HL3, but I think this could be an official...
  15. kg11sgbg

    Was TDF site being Hacked???

    @TDF Friends, yesterday at about 10 p.m. while I was trying to open the Forum site of TDF,a pop up **** video with arabic language was displayed onto my screen. I tried with several browsers and the result was same. Today morning onwards EVERYTHING IS NORMAL ONCE AGAIN. Did any one of...
  16. R

    Godaddy domain and 000webhost

    I have bought a domain on Godaddy and have a site that is hosted at 000webhost. My site looks something like, I want to forward my domain such that if I input it should open but this should not be visible in the explorer. Can anyone...
  17. anirbandd

    IDM/Script for dl'ing images from image hosting sites

    Hi all, i need to download some pictures from image hosting sites. i know about IDM site grabber. the problem is that the image is embedded in a second page, from the thumbnail page. how do i configure IDM to download the pics, all at once?? or maybe a script?? i tried configuring the...
  18. D

    Please give your feedback....

    If you love to dance then Check this out and Rate it....... Indian Traditional Dances -Bharatiya Dance This website contains all Indian Traditional Dance videos. If you want to follow this site on Facebook Click here! I wanna know your opinion about its appearance, navigation...
  19. N

    Best Site to Buy Laptop other than Flipkart

    Flipkart suddenly stopped shipping of laptops to Kerala. So which is the best site to buy laptops other than Flipkart and ebay.
  20. abhidev

    Please give your feedback on my first website

    Hi guys, I have built a website where one can prepare a checklist of games that you have played/completed/on-hold/dropped/favorite/wishlist so that you can keep a track of all the games you have came across till now. Its still a basic site, something on the lines of myanimelist where you...
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