All Wordpress Mafias Help Me out.


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hey guys these days i am referring to Wordpress Site Tutorial of in 2010)
and right now i have downloaded Bitnami + Wordpress bundle
*i have some question in my mind do i have to use Wamp or it seems to me like the new bundle is already integrated with Mysql
*i was blogging in blogspot before and the same window i got in offline wordpress
so right now it seems to be that i am working in offline version of my website?
My question here is how to get my site online to any host like bigrock etc



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Buy a hosting, Install WordPress and import all your posts, comments and themes. Or else you could just upload all the files from your localhost directory and upload the database and then install wp using wp-install.php file.


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Simply go to godaddy and buy their word press hosting costs about $1/month good and cheap package


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If you buy hosting from GoDaddy, they've something called installatron which is a huge collection of CMSs. So, in a click or two, you'll have WordPress installed on your site. Buy a hosting, you'll get a domain free with hosting until you've your hosting plan. Then get set go. :D
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