1. D

    Help about buying online........

    Is a legit site or is it a scam?And also the same thing about,,etc.I read that flipkart is a scam...... Which is best indian site to purchase laptops online-i mean lowest prices,cash on delivery options,etc....?
  2. R

    Anyone knows this website?

    Hi, Anyone on this forum know about * the prices are pretty good and cod is available too. Can anybody confirm that this site is legit? Thanks
  3. Faun

    Rupee value depreciation

    It's nearing 50 rupees per dollar :shock: Prices increased on PrimeABGB site and for other commodities. What is the reason behind rupee value depreciation ?
  4. buddyram

    Drupal learning sites

    Hi folks, Could anyone suggest me any good online drupal learning sites. I need to create Job Portal kind of site through it. I need the suggestions at the earliest. Thanks in advance.
  5. N


    i want to learn c and java help me out plzz as soon as possible plz and also i m a new member of this site
  6. J

    Share my shopping experience in dinodirect

    Hi friends. This is my first thread at this forum. Hope you are will like my thread. I just wanna share my experience in shopping online. So if you are afraid with shopping online than now you will also know it is nothing to be afraid in shopping online(The shop you want to spend is not scam)...
  7. L

    The Droid Library.. I wanna sign up

    Hey guys, New member here. I was wondering if any of you had any experience with a site called The Droid Library for eBooks for my Android tablet. Tempted to join =) Thoughts?
  8. U


    Hello Everyone.. I want some help from you.. I wanna sell some of my PC. Which web site is better for this purpose. Which creates more customers..
  9. windchimes

    Info needed on Google Sites

    Building a Google Site under my google account. Wish to know whether I can get an emailid under that site name I am creating. Looks dumb, but can't figure that out.
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