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  1. T

    Do i really need RAM with heat sink for gaming

    Dear sirs i am gonna buy 8 gb ram ddr3. 1600mhz. I saw plain ram are more cheaper then vengeance and ripjaws x. My question is that since i will only do gaming without overclocking ever do i need heat sink rams of those models. My specs are fx 6300 gigabyte 78lmt-usb3...
  2. P

    CPU hotter than it was

    hi 6 years before I assembled a rig with Athlon II X2 Regor 240 When I started the PC it used to show 26 degree, But now it is showing 36 Looks like heat sink or fan is malfunctioning Now what do you think I should do? Shall I replace the heat sink or just fan? Or do you think something...
  3. W

    Sapphire HD7770 Fan replacement

    Hello Guys, Recently my display started to turn off abruptly or show vertical lines with bright monochrome screen. i tried reinstalling the gpu driver but the same scenario went on time and again. I noticed my GPU fan was not rotating at optimum speed and as per many forums overheating...
  4. Genius-jatt

    Method Describing How to Reduce Heat of Graphics or Video cards ?

    Method Describing How to Reduce Heat of Graphics or Video cards ? Friends One day I was very frustrated as I saw my Graphics-card get suddenly heated very much,While playing GTA-IV. So at the spot I shut down my PC. Next day I have an idea as I know some Hardware, I get an OLD HEAT-SINK from...
  5. Revolution

    [Want to Buy] Cheap Air Cooler For Intel Socket 775 CPU

    Hi, I'm LF a an alternative of Intel Stock CPU Cooler Socket 775(C2D CPU 65W) Actually the plastic at the edge of the push pin is broken. So,heat sink not fitting properly. Budget as less as possible. Any 2nd hand heat sink at god condition or heat sink retention clip gonna be OK I guess. Thanks!
  6. D

    Heat Sink retainer bracket

    processor : AMD Phenom II x4 945 socket : AM3 motherboard : ASUS M4A785-TM issue: during a routine clean up of the heat sink i broke one of the two plastic clips of the heat sink retainer bracket. to be precise the one to which the pushdown hook clips to . looking for...
  7. mang

    Opening CPU fan & Heat Sink - Help me

    I have Athlon II 240 with default Heat Sink & fan on AM3 board. Over time, after 2 + years of use some dust and dirt are depositing between the heatsink fins i would like to clean up those dirt by opening loose the fan & heat sink. I've tried to unloose twice or thrice, but unsucess, i've never...
  8. R

    M.B Broken Component

    [Solved]M.B Broken Component Sry 4 confusing title , i dont know the Exact Name of the part MotherbOad Link : Foxconn - Products: Motherboard Socket : Socket 754 for AMD Athlon™ 64 / Sempron™ processors Q 1)Is it possible to get Replacement Item (marked in Picture)- Due to it broken...
  9. ay_aceoo7

    cpu heat sink with fan price

    i want to know the starting price of cpu heat sink with fan for intel d915gav board
  10. sukesh1090

    AMD Heat sink fan problem.

    guys 2-3 days before i bought the system which is in my siggy.the fan on the heat sink runs at a speed of 5000-6000RPM @ temperature 45C when i will be there in BIOS.i have chosen PWM as the smart fan control option.because of such a high RPM it makes a whole lot of nice,i feel like i am under a...
  11. J

    cpu temperature rising

    recently my cpu temperature has been rising alot....it reaches 90C this didnt happen before....it used to go max upto 80C but the other day i was cleanin my cpu and i removd the heat sink of da processor cleand it and put it back...i am thinking maybe i sumhow removd the thermal paste or...
  12. lordirecto

    Dell Studio 1535 Heat Sink and Fan Noise

    My Dell Studio 1535 laptop has started making noise at random times. The heat sink and fan seems to be the culprit. Also the vibration caused by the fan is very high. Is there a way to rectify this? Refering the Dell web site does not help me at all. I really doubt if Dell is manufacturing this...
  13. skippednote

    Heat Sink Core 2 Duo

    I'm going to buy a Core2Duo E7300, so can you tell me that the Heat Sink which is placed above the processor is given with the Processor or do i have to buy it Separately and is it necessary to use thermal paste. How much does the Heat sink cost. I was referring to this one-----
  14. Power_user_EX

    Palit hd 4850 with no crossfire connector ! plzz help!!!

    Hi guys , just bought plait hd4850. First thing struck me that the heat sink was the 'round one' - which i've never seen in any reviews on net. Second thing it had one DVI to VGA done adapter with pci-e power, BUT it had no CROSS FIRE CONNECTOR!!! hows this possible ? I asked the dealer - he...
  15. R

    FS: Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz HT processor

    Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz HT processor for sale..[EDIT] 478 PIN SOCKET[EDIT] #Approx 2 and half years old PRICE: Processor = 3000/- without heat sink (shipping free) Processor + Original heat sink = 3000/- (shipping extra) Money Transfers through ICICI bank
  16. Gigacore

    Working Principle of Heat sink

    A heat sink is an environment or object that absorbs and dissipates heat from another object using thermal contact (either direct or radiant). Heat sinks are used in a wide range of applications wherever efficient heat dissipation is required; major examples include refrigeration, heat engines...
  17. S

    Heat sink

    Hi i just got a Asus P5NE-SLI Board,And want to Add Heat sink for North/South Bridge Can any one suggest where i can Buy it In Delhi,and what will be the price. Should i Go for with fan Or without fan. Thanks
  18. cooldip10

    Heat Sink holder

    Hi guys, My heat sink holder(The cage like thing which holds the heatsink with the procy..) somewhat broke when I opened it up to clean the processor.. Well the question is : Will I get a replacement frm the market ? I asked many vendors and repair-man and guess what they answered...
  19. gary4gar

    Heating woes

    My computer was over heating so I gave it to local assembler for a repair once I got back to the assembler after 2 days. He had that there was nothing wrong in it and he had not done anything to it. Surprisingly the problem had gone. I doubt that he must have replaced some parts. So I checked...
  20. Kniwor

    Heat sink paste...

    Where can i get a good heat sink paste in kolkata, Any chance i can get Arctic Silver 5.
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