1. Cyberghost Private Music Torrent Tracker Has Shut Down, an invite-only music torrent tracker, has shut down yesterday, following a report in French media of police raids. The website, founded in 2007 and with an estimated database of 3 million torrents, was more than a music piracy portal, but also a recommendation engine and a place...
  2. Limitless

    PC won't turn off

    Hi I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Pro and whenever I shut down the monitor switch offs but the fan are running Please help Do I have to upgrade BIOS (never upgraded bios before)? My Motherboard:- Asus M5A97 R2.0
  3. K

    Faster shut down

    Hi Guys, • I have Windows7 laptop. I want a way to shut it down faster by closing all the opened softwares, apps and files. What is the best free and reliable software or app for the purpose? • I see that the folder name font color of C:\Windows\System32\ DRVSTORE has been changed to blue...
  4. K

    How to make faster shut down?

    Hi Guys, I have got WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE on my laptop. What I should do for faster shut down? How to make my laptop shut down automatically when I close the lid? What I should I do for faster booting after switching on the laptop?
  5. K

    Shut down closing the lid

    Hi Guys, What are the proper procedures to make the laptop shut down automatically when close the lid of the laptop?
  6. Flash

    India to Obama visit: Yes We Scan!

    No head of state—not even the presidents of China or Russia—have managed to shut down an entire city when they visit India. Except Barack Obama. An estimated 50,000 security personnel, 15,000 CCTV cameras, a team of secret service agents, 40 dogs, airborne radars and other security...
  7. sandeepsingh

    what the fish. Guys ... Video Games to Shut Down Until 2015 :(

    chk out the link ...... Video Games to Shut Down Until 2015
  8. R

    Dead psu?

    I recently upgraded to Amd fx 8320 Gigabyte Mobo 8gb DDR Ram. While my graphics card and psu and cabinet remain the same. It worked fine till i was using it for just net surfing and a bit of Maya. But as soon as i Fired up Football Manager, the cpu shut down And does not power on...
  9. K

    Automatic shut down.

    Hi, It relates to LAPTOP AND its Windows7 Home Basic. I want to do the settings for automatic SHUT DOWN, when I close the lid of my LAPTOP. How to do that?
  10. Jay1234

    Hard disk making noise at start up and shut down ??

    my laptop makes a noise at start up and at shut down like fax coming out or tickling like for 2 second i guess its hard disk ? so what is it ??? i have called lenovo they are saying that they will visit me in 2 days time !! should i tell them to replace hdd ???
  11. mandarpalshikar

    UPS Suggestion

    Friends, Please go through my rig in the signature and suggest me a good UPS. I would be adding one more 23" LED monitor in a month or two. Cash to spare on this is maximum 10k. Even a 5 mins backup on full load while gaming would be sufficient for me to shut off the system.
  12. Sainatarajan

    Computer not turning on ????

    Guys , This is the First Problem After Building My New Rig . I was Playing Games and Turned the pc off. Went out 2 to 3 Days and turned it on . But Within a Fraction of a second it Shut Downs . First time it went till the welcome Screen and then it shut down. Pls Help Guys .
  13. V

    MOTOROLA shutting it down!! Shud i still go for Motorola ATRIX 2 !!!??????

    As many of you must have already heard , motorola has decided to shut its operations in India..Shud i purchase motorola atrix 2 now?? Shud i worry about support and warranty etc??
  14. dibya_kol

    what is faulty ?

    hi guys, i have already lost lot's of hair during this issue so i gave up and now i need some help fron u .. 8 days back in a evening i had played world of warcraft for 3-4 hrs then i shut doun my pc took rest for an hour and switched on my pc, since then the problem started...
  15. B

    Windows 7 Update issues

    I have Windows 7 Professional installed in my desktop. I update it whenever the update is available. But at the time of last update electricity went out. I tried to shut down the machine. Then in the screen usual warning of request not to power off it manually flashed. But unfortunately my UPS...
  16. ramakanta

    Hibernate option

    I have Win7 OS install in my pc. but it has no hibernate option . please help me how to active and show up Hibernate option right side of shut down buttom . please help me. thank you. :|
  17. B

    My computer does not boot up sometimes

    I was wondering if someone can help me with my problem. 1. My computer does not boot up sometimes. When I press restart, a lot of the times it wont go past the first screen that has a picture of my motherboard Name (some time time shows windows logo longtime) . Then if I force it to shut down...
  18. F

    cpu fan error

    my config: i5 2500k, asus p8z68 v, cm 690II adv with side panel..... it just happened now....i worked on my pc at morning for some times nd then went 2 clg...den came back @ noon nd strated on... it showed cpu fan error...i saw through side panel nd fan not spinning....last time it happened...
  19. IronCruz

    Google Chrome Fault?

    Hello guys. When i try to open Google Chrome, taskbar doesn't work. Wait symbol comes, and whole system gets freeze. But chrome will be running properly. I can browse any website in chrome. Then i must either Log Off or Shut Down. I use Genuine Windows 7 HP on my Dell N5030. Please solvemy problem!
  20. W

    Question regarding 500W UPS on a PC with 620W SMPS

    So right now I have a 500W UPS or Uninterrupted Power Supply from 'American Power Conservation' to provide backup power for a few mins on my old PC which has a 500W SMPS as well. Shortly I'll be moving onto a new gaming PC with 620W SMPS in a few days & I just wanna know if having that same...
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