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Hi Guys,

• I have Windows7 laptop. I want a way to shut it down faster by closing all the opened softwares, apps and files. What is the best free and reliable software or app for the purpose?

• I see that the folder name font color of C:\Windows\System32\ DRVSTORE has been changed to blue. What is the problem actually? And what is the solution to this problem?


1. Just push the power on button of the laptop until it shuts down (fastest method IMO).

2. I don't think there is problem with the system.


Not sure but I think you can write a batch file to force close all running apps without interrupt and shut down.

If folder name font color is blue it means that directory is compressed. Windows has a compression options in drive properties which can be set to reduce size of system files and temporary files, in such cases of compresses directories, the directory name appears in blue font color.
You might not have set that option, though windows might have compressed the folder by default.


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Open notepad
type shutdown /s /t 0
save this file as shutdown.bat
double click on this file to shutdown PC immediately.

Blue font generally means encryption or compression don't remember exactly.
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