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  1. KoRn

    N Gage qd

    hey guys can u telll me the latest showroom price of the nokia n gage and tell me how much memeory i get alog wit the phone>how much memory can th ngage take 1gb?? Also tell me whether i shud go for it i like it cuz: 1. Gamez :roll: 2. cool design. 3. mp3 playback. 4. bluetooth. so...
  2. A

    windows media center config...help needed

    which config shud i go for windows media center ...plz help which tv tuner shud i get compro msi pinaccle ati all-in-wonder is it neccessary to have windows media center remote?
  3. G

    Shud I go for a new graphics card?

    I've been wanting to go for a new AGp based card for long....am too tired of my geforce2. My system is amd athlon 2000 xp with 256 mb ram. I know its an outdated system, but that's all i have now. i recently checked out a dealer in lamington rd, who was offering a nvida 6200 with 256 mb...
  4. G

    shud go 4 c++ or java ,vb ??????

    guys im around a big problem now!!!! after a month my collg is having its annual fest in which varoius dance & software & other competions r held. this year i want to participate so im little bit confused which language to use java or vb.net but i dont know both whereas i know c++ but...
  5. M

    Buying a new 17" LCD monitor...need advice

    Hi all, i am planning to buy a new 17" lcd. Just seeking an opinion from u guys what i shud be getting. I want it to be under 15k. Which do u recommend? I work a lot on computer arts stuff, so i would want something that has reasonable color reproduction(but no crt anyway;) ) Also preferably...
  6. ashu888ashu888

    NEW HDD but wich one to buy ???

    Hey guys i wanna buy a new HDD of 160 GB capacity and preferably Seagate so plz tell me wat all shud i look for... Previously i had a SAMSUNG 40 GB HDD PATA and it gave way after 3 yrs of UNRELIABLE PERFORMANCE..(yup we all knw tat SAMSUNG HDDs are a piece of B*LL S**T) Neways help me guys...
  7. A

    which graphics card shud i get

    which graphics card shud i get :- LeadTek WinFast PX6600 GT TDH Extreme 128MB DDR3 PCI-E MSI NX6600GT-V2TD128E Diamond 128MB DDR3 PCI-E XFX GeForce 6600 GT 128MB DDR3 PCI-E XFX or MSI or Leadtek GeForce 6800 GT (128MB or 256MB) DDR3 PCI-E plz tell the price of all shud i go for...
  8. Generic Superhero

    brightness and contrast of monitor

    i need help to change the brightness and contrast settings of my monitor to get a display that is most soothing to the eyes. what shud ideally be the values of brightness and contrast to get such a display? and wat shud be the color temperature?
  9. Generic Superhero

    multimedia tools

    suggest me the best softwares in the followin categories 1. I wanna fiddle with music tracks e.g. put my own voice in a song? shud i use soundforge? 2. 2 cut part of a video file wat 2 use?
  10. A

    Coneverting MP3 to WAV tones

    I want to convert some short clips of MP3s into WAV with decent quality. can anyone tell me a proper way and what setting shud be there to get optimum quality. Also I want a good cutter(mp3 naturally) :wink: waiting for response
  11. S

    AVI or DAT or WMV

    I recorded some video using my handycam. now i want it to play in most of the VCD players. Someone told me that DAT format loses the quality of the video. Is it true. Tell me in which format shud i convert the video??
  12. L

    Hide IP, how to?

    hi, i tried using this "Hide IP" software. how does it work? i mean after using it also, i went to online check of my IP, it showed the same :) what more shud i do to hide it? is it with proxy? where can i get it? /legolas
  13. A

    ipod asshole

    hey guys i got an ipod shuffle 512mb yesterday first of all i charged it at about 3 hrs and tranferred songs thru itunes everything was going smooth till there but when i take it out from comp and press play button it dint play greelight was on and i tried pressing play button for 3sec which...
  14. M

    PS2 Vs XBOX Vs New Graphix Card.

    hi folks ......help me out.... the problem i want to have the highest dose of latest games. now my pc's config is:2.8ghz,P4,256 ram,intel xtreme grpx2 card(inbuilt),3d acclrtr,40gb,32mb shared frm ram video memory.865 gv motherboard. now question can i upgrade my pc...? if i upgrade...
  15. ashu888ashu888

    CMOS battery replacement

    Hey guys i jus wanted to ask a simple but an important querry tat: WAT IS THE DURATION AFTER WICH WE SHUD REPLACE THE CMOS BATTERY (with a new one) on our mobo?? Is there any speicific period like years or so?? Or any specific indication tat the CMOS battery shud be replaced by a new one...
  16. Aniruddh

    Which card will u like 2 buy???POLL

    heyy many of u mite not like this POLL but as the forum was really gettin borin wid the same questions-need help to build a nu rig,is sempron 64 bit?,wat is the price of this particular processor is it future proof...etc etc.so thought v shud hav a poll related to gpu.so plz giv ur opinion and...
  17. bizzare_blue

    Care 4 UPS

    I got an APC 500W UPS.....I wont be using my comp for about 2 months...Wat care shud I do to take care of my UPS battery???
  18. L

    reg. external hardisk usage.

    hi, i have my pc running 24*7 and hav got a 160 GB external hardisk 2 days back. can i get it connected 24*7 as well? or it shud be used less frequently? how abt its stability? thk u. /legolas
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