1. A

    wi fi connectivity with win 8 laptop

    i have a hp laptop usa made .i have just shifted my location .when i started my laptop and try to connect with the wi fi link on my bsnl modem on bsnl broadband i dont get any wi fi link-the icon shows wi fi link off -ive tried using both the airplane mode off and on.please help.i am using win...
  2. Extreme Gamer

    Mamata Bannerjee thinks talk shows are similar to pornography

    Source: Times of India
  3. avichandana20000

    Amd 8750m driver problem

    my friend has a laptop . the model is NP300E5V-S02IN with win 7 64 bit ULTIMATE. It has two graphics chips. One from INTEL and other from ATI. From the provided software by SAMSUNG i have installed the AMD GRAHICS DRIVER. But it is coming as follows. CPU-Z shows the following...
  4. R

    Laptop not booting. Help!

    Okay, I'm not sure whether to post this here, but since the problem is in a laptop, I thought it would be okay. A friend of mine bought a Dell Inspiron 15 about a week or so back. It worked perfectly back then, but today it got stuck in the boot screen. When he starts it, it shows the boot...
  5. happy17292

    Can't Install Flight Simulator X after accidentally deleting it(not uninstalled)

    I had accidentally Deleted FSX while replacing my old HDD now it won't let me install/repair it again. whenever i run setup it shows 2 options, repair and uninstall. when i select uninstall it shows error number: 0x80040702 Description: Failed to load DLL:GameuxInstallHelper if i choose...
  6. chandan3

    Splinter cell conviction

    Hi guys ple help me i hv waste 4 days in this game.when i clicked to the game,the errors shows ,game has stopped working,same problem in i m alive,n both r orginal.i bought this game.
  7. Y

    Burning TV shows to DVD with metadata

    I have downloaded some TV shows and would like to burn them on DVD, the end result I would like is that when DVD is inserted it should display menu and other information about the show/episode just like it does in a purchased DVD set alongwith background poster. Can this be accomplished without...
  8. S

    ITunes not showing TV Shows tab

    [SOLVED] ITunes not showing TV Shows tab I have iTunes My problem:- I want to download tv shows from iTunes.However, There is no TV Shows Tab in the interface.What to do??Screenshot attached. Shiva
  9. Ashokkumar01cbe

    Pc error!!!!

    Today i got the new free laptop from the government of tamilnadu, my laptop specs are BRAND NAME:HASEE Model No: OS :windows 7 professional PROCESSOR:Pentium when i switch on my PC it shows up the error message "error:no such partition" and one more thing is that my laptop there is no...
  10. stellar

    Networking Error

    I switched to Bridge mode from Router Mode in my ADSL modem.Configured network connections in Windows 8. Put username and password too but when i try to connect from there my PC restarts and shows problem in PC window is collecting information. What can be the problem, i am now on router mode.
  11. S

    Unable to view folder on my USB Drive

    I am facing a wierd problem. I had one old usb drive with data which I need to use now. So i connected the pendrive and it show that 1GB space has been used out of 4GB. Upon opening the pendrive it shows empty. I even tried all the DOS commands to view the directories but DOS shows shows 2...
  12. balakrish

    Do Intel DH55TC support WD Caviar Green 2 TB?

    Hi everyone! I'm using i3 processor with Intel DH55TC mother board. Also I'm already using Seagate 1TB harddisk. But when i try to install WD Caviar Green on my board, its not getting detected by the OS. BIOS detects it but shows the size as 0.0GB. Also it shows the drive as...
  13. A

    problem using router for both pc and laptop

    I have bought D-Link DSL-2750U Wireless ADSL Router. I am using it for my laptop and PC. PC is connected to the internet through Ethernet Cable that connects both the PC and the router. Whenever I am using both the laptop and PC for internet, there is a loss of connection in the laptop, pinging...
  14. rst

    unable to install far cry 2

    I have far cry 2 game (3.67 GB) when I try open it then it shows "choose the program you want to use to open this file" Its property shows ,type of file as "file" plz help
  15. M

    gigabyte 7850oc shuttering

    processor - i5 3570 motherboard - Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H smps - coolermaster 600watts thunder dvd rw = asus ram - corsair 8gb cabinet -zebronics reaper monitor - samsung s22B370H speaker - creative A335 gigabyte 7850oc card in games there is a lot of shuttering ,updated the drivers...
  16. R

    intallation problem

    I have a windows 8 OS when I tried to installed max payne 2 it shows that KF2MFC.dll file is missing when I tried to install it I couldn't install it please help me.
  17. soyab0007

    Palit GT 240 DDR5 (Display Error)

    I am having Palit GT 240 DDR5 Gfx card, for past few days when I power on PC, it boots, shows welcome screen and after few minutes PC reboots with no display showing.. then I have to switch into onboard mobo slot and it shows display.. What might be the issue?
  18. C

    Best cpu/gpu combo

    So I'm building a mobile gaming rig to take to college... And I've decided on all the components but the cpu+gpu here are my choices... 1.G630(can't find 680, plan to get a i5 in a year)+icq 6870 2. I3 2120+hd 7770 sapphire which is better? How much bottleneck with the g630 am I...
  19. quan chi

    Tablet showing low memory.Suggestions req.

    Guys i have put a 16gb microsd card in Micromax funbook but it only shows free space of 1.2gb Now WTF is happening! can anybody please guide.
  20. P

    dvd writer problem

    hey guys i am a regular reader of digit and i am recently having a problem with my dvd writer.the problems are- (a) from few months it is showing error while writing dual layer dvds. (b) when i formatted my computer with windows dvd (which is completely fine) showed an error at 28%.when i...
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