1. 1

    No audio from laptop

    Hi all, My laptop has gone mute and does nt play any sounds. Youtube is crashing and WIndows media player says " ERROR" When i open the control panel to test audio it shows as " application is being used by other program" ? . Is this a driver issue or anything related to hardware. pls help...
  2. K

    Videocon TV shows not supported when connecting computer with HDMI

    Hey guys, I just bought a new Videocon 40 inch LED (VKC40FH) and tried connecting my computer to it using an HDMI cable. But once it boots up, after the BIOS screen and windows logo, the screen goes blank and shows 'not supported'. It works fine if I connect it to my old Samsung TV using HDMI...
  3. B

    phonebook gets vanished

    hallo friends, i have recently purchaced a KARBONN titanium s 5 plus . and it is performing well ,but only a problem occures sometimes. if i shutdown or restart /reboot my phone, its contacts list gets empty and shows "does not exist " caption. so allways i have to restore them from titanium...
  4. K

    Headphones for gaming and movies/tv shows for under 2.5k. ok with used

    Hi I play games (mostly smite and COD) on pc also movies and tv shows. not much music. not bass head but dont hate it.using hd 201 for a while but lack of bass is making them boring. SO looking for headset/over ear headphones under 2.5k i am ok with buying used from olx. i was going to get...
  5. P

    Network adapter showing incorrect red cross Win 2008 Server SP2

    Dear All, We have observed some cosmetic differences regarding network adapter on a server machine with Win 2008 SP2 installed. 1) Check the First Image , even though the cable is connected it shows the Network adapter Icon with Red cross. 2) Second image shows detailed view. Thanks for...
  6. anandharaja

    Asus GTX560ti Gpu Display shows white lines

    hi, i purchased Asus GTX560ti 1GB in October 2012, few months its shows display driver stop functioning and recovered, suddenly yesterday system hangs few times while hanging my display show some square dot pixels same error as before shows, after few times system hangs its restarted it works...
  7. nvrmndryo

    crystaldiskinfo shows current pending sector count 200 , what does that mean ?

    crystaldiskinfo shows my wd 1tb hdds current pending sector count 200 , and uncorrectable sector count 200 . is it serious ?what does that exactly mean ? - - - Updated - - - attached image
  8. rhitwick

    Where is my thread?

    Though I sent PM to MODs, others can also try to shade some light on this. Last afternoon I posted thread but can't find it anymore. Is it deleted by MODs or got cleared due to some other technical reason? Request at MODs/Admins: Can you recover it? This is how google shows it from cache...
  9. H

    Is it safe to forcestop preloaded app ?

    My new Micromax phone has preloaded 'Gamehub' app which Avast shows a trojan virus detected and also AVG..There is an option to forcestop and uninstall..When i click on uninstall it shows uninstall unsuccessful..So i tried to forcestop,but it shows this might cause some apps to misbehave,so i...
  10. avichandana20000

    Teamviewer authentication failed

    I am trying to connect to a LAPTOP which is in Bangladesh through TEAMVIEWER 9. After giving ID and PASWORD it shows "authenticating" and then after a minute it shows "authentication rejected". we are both having same version of teamviewer what is the reason?
  11. bee

    memory card issue

    i have a xolo q800 with a sandisk16 gb ultra two days ago i upgraded my phone to 4.2.1(official) and since the whenever i connect the phone via usb the memory card doesnt show up and in place , "removable disk" is written but the phone internal memory drive shows up fine also, in...
  12. M

    ext HDD, one partition shows " The Folder is Empty" :(

    Dear Experts, i was using my 2.5' Ext HDD for the last few years. i have saved most precious files in partition M. but last few months, i am facing a problem, that whn i open the M it shows THE FOLDER IS EMPTY. but whn i am checking from My Computer it exactly shows the USED and FREE...
  13. G

    pendrive shows 'shortcut' on opening

    Hi guys, I'm using Lenovo E49 laptop with win7 ult 32-bit. Whenever I connect any pendrive and open it, it shows a 'Pendrive (XX GB) shortcut (xx bytes)' instead of the files in it. This also happaned when I inserted my SD card in the slot. This started happening a few weeks ago. Is this a...
  14. S

    creating new volume problem

    In my external harddisk there are continious 59 gb space is free space .In windows 7 32 bit os when i am going to create new volume for this it shows the error " There is not enough space in the disk to complete this operation". Please Help me to solve this issue.
  15. TheLetterD

    Both RAM Modules not working, shows "Installed"

    Hello So... Like the title says I have 2 modules of 4 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM in my PC. Only 1 Module is working and it shows 4Gig in my BIOS. My system properties (Windows 7) shows that 8.00 GB is installed but only 3.45GB is usable(512 MB to my APU's IGP) I tried taking them out and...
  16. B

    TP link MR-3020 + prithvi UE100 having trouble setting up a connection. :n00b alert:

    I got MR3020 3 days ago, tried it with huawei E169 data card with idea sim, it worked fine [tested using wifi on my phone, not using ethernet on PC] But its not working with BSNL EVDO Prithvi UE100 data card :( I entered all the details and left the APN blank as told by the reviewer in this...
  17. TheHumanBot

    [HELP] MS-Office Files Corrupted );

    so all of my files suddenly decided to self to fu*ck them selves. how do i get my data back from this? you know how much i'm screwed up if this doesn't gets normal. all the files word excel open this and shows this characters so far tried opening in different machines and Excel Repair...
  18. Tejo

    Need help regarding solving an issue - probably an OS issue - NP550 - S05IN

    Hi friends, I'm using S05IN. Some time back some virus came in to the system and the antivirus I'm using didn't do any defense. So I tried a different antivirus and finally it is solved. But the prob is, since then my laptop became very slow. If I open the task manager, it shows 97% hdd...
  19. anagh.k1

    Shortcut Virus in Computer

    My friend has a pendrive which everytime it is inserted in his laptop shows the shortcuts instead of the actual file. I have tried autorun exterminator , malwarebytes anti-malware full scan which shows nothing & the command "attrib -s -r -h /s /d *.*" which works for a few seconds & shows the...
  20. Charley

    Storage space running out - Xperia L

    In device memory of 1.5 gb apps are 560 Mb. Videos & pics are on sdcard. Where did 1 gb go? It shows 115 Mb free.
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