1. D

    Availability of EP630 in PUNE

    Guys , Please let me know any shop in PUNE where I can get Creative EP630 earphones. Thanks
  2. B

    Purchasing a new monitor

    I would like to know which monitor with DVI is the best currently. My budget is 10k. It would be helpful if I can find a good shop in Chennai. Also I would like to know what DVI means
  3. Josan

    Iphone In Jalandhar

    Today I was in Jalandhar Market To Buy phones for my brother and friend ,i saw a add poster of a shop which also sells Apples Products along with others and after finding the Iphone in the list i went straight to the shop ,and asked about the iphone ,and i was told that i could buy a brand new...
  4. N

    can we assemble laptops like we do for desktop??

    especially if u r in mumbai?? if yes 1)from where we can buy parts (if any particular shop plz pm)?? 2)how much cheap it can be built ??
  5. gsmsikar

    watch live camera at Office and Shop ?

    i want to setup a live web camera or CCTV (Closed Circuit) in three places where broadband connection is available at all the three places .. how can i do that which is the best way to broadcast the cameras so that i can watch any place from anywhere using internet connection .. my main aim...
  6. aku

    [SUGGEST] Components for a 10k pc (only mobo, processor, cabinet, hdd)

    Well i hope the title says it all... Pls suggest a Low end processor, mobo, cabinet and a hdd so that it totals to >=10k this one i'll be building for a guy who works in a local shop. i'll be donating my old monitor, combo drive and may be even a old 256 meg stick. Please, reply asap...
  7. A

    a good computer shop in bangalore

    hi guys wanted to buy a comp.. i live in bangalore.. so please anyone know which shop is good.. it shud give good after sales service.. preferably in sp road.. coz the sell everything in small margin.. and give me the ph no as well thanks in advance
  8. C

    Transcend Warranty Claim

    My transcend t sonic 610 mp3 player/pen drive has malfunctioned. I have a one year warranty on it, I bought it from nehru place, nehru place -a very famous shop called something like Cash 2 Cash(i think). Iv heard transcend do not replace their mp3 players in India.. cause their centres are not...
  9. Gigacore

    Gang loots jewellery shop in Bangalore (36 KG)

    A six-member gang on 11th August 2007, decamped with 36 kg of gold and silver jewellery and Rs two lakh in cash from a reputed jewellery shop in Bangalore city. The culprits, all in their teens, conversing in Hindi and English entered the Chemmanur Jewellery shop located in Banaswadi area at...
  10. dhawald

    where to buy creative EP-630 earphones Delhi

    I want to buy creative EP 630 earphones in Delhi,can someone please help be in finding a shop where I can get them for sure and at a decent price.
  11. H for all the best prices its at andheri mumbai

    hey all hii . after searching for online best prices and good shop . i found this shop and also gives best prices and near to me too in this site it gives the prices also but i think yes prices r high in site as compared to going there...
  12. patkim

    Cellphone price

    Recently I inquired about the SE W810i prices in Pune. Couple of mobile shops indicated the price as 13.2 K including external speakers When I inquired in another shop, which is authorized SE mobile shop and sells only SE phones, they said 13.9 K for the same model. I wonder why would there...
  13. Anindya

    Govt. Undertaking software?

    My friend wants to buy a laptop he found out all these things :- 1. Lenovo is the best in the market. 2. Lenovo gives battery backup of upto 8hrs while Compaq gives 7-8hrs others still less. 3. Laptops which comes with XP preloaded are govt. undertaking. That means (according to the shop onwer)...
  14. N

    2 analog stick with force feed back not found in kolkata

    I want to buy a game pad with 2 anlog sticks and force feed manufactured bu XFX or other reputed company.But wher can I buy them in kolkata.GIve the name and address of the shop and also their phone no.The famous shop "SEVI COMPUTERS" doesnot have it.And also it should be an USB gamepad.:(
  15. G

    security code lost

    guys... pls help me i forgot my mobile's security code what shall i do help me shall i go to the shop
  16. P

    Shops for buying Computer Stuff

    hey guys post the shop name, location from where u buy computer stuff...this will help others to knw where to go and buy the stuff...aslo shop waloon ka advertisement bhi ho jaye ga.. I buy from Nehru COMPUTER EMPIRE..
  17. A

    Telescope =-sorry For Posting Here

    I Am From Banglore .can Any Body Tell Me There Is Any ShoP Selling Telescope In Banglore.
  18. M

    printer purchasing help me select one ?

    Hi As my budget have limitations , i got 3 options regarding laser b/w printers. My need is to take notes of ebooks,monthly 2000-3000 pages. budget is 4000-5500 rs so only 3 options i have like this.... 1 i read about xerox 3117 like this on it true ? i heard...
  19. linardni

    Attention Kolkatans!!!

    I want to buy Nikon Cool Pix "S" Series digicam from any shop in kolkata. However the quotation received from Kolkata shops are very much higher than that offered by J.J. Mehta's online shop ( Is there any shop in Kokata offering digicams at price comparable to J.J Mehta? PS: I...
  20. B

    Fan & Paste

    in which shop in Banglore I can get 120mm fan & thermel paste & copper heatsink for P4 HT 3.ooGHz ? (please tell me specific shop name) price=?
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