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Recently I inquired about the SE W810i prices in Pune.
Couple of mobile shops indicated the price as 13.2 K including external speakers

When I inquired in another shop, which is authorized SE mobile shop and sells only SE phones, they said 13.9 K for the same model.

I wonder why would there be so much difference within the same city?
Is it that authorized centers have higher price range or do they offer any additional services etc?


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r u getting it with bill for 13.2k...
well generally the local shops offer it without bill to evade TAX...
btw 700 isnt a big difference... some times it can go in thousands..


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Tech.Masti said:
me also heard that authorised mobile shops generally sells phones in higher price than market.....
Very true...But don't know why (I think because of after sales service)...


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nope.. They hav to provide the same after sales service even if u hav a valid bill of any other shop..


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yeah, u can buy at any shop who gives a bill. u will get the same service at the authorised service center. no worries on that front!
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