1. O

    where is lamington road??

    hi everyone i live in navi mumbai nd want 2 go to lamington road.... how do u get there??? can u suggest some shop there which is gud?? reliable??
  2. sude

    exchange P4 with AMD :: is it possible???

    hi, i have a P4 1.7 Ghz machine on an Intel D845GLAD Motherboard... of late i want to upgrade my configuration to AMD, which means i have to change my motherboard too. my query lies is it possible for me to exchange my exixting P4 processor and motherboard with AMD one??? if so, could u inform...
  3. ambrewz

    Fifa 07 Tournament

    FIFA 07 TOURNAMENT IN MUMBAI!!!! AT>>> Technopoint Oshiwara, Shop no. 2, Building No. 12, Lotus Apts., Opp. Monginis Cake Shop, Near Oshiwara Police Sataion, Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400053. ON>>> DEC 17th, 2006. 11a.m. SHARP!!!!! Entry Fee - Rs. 100...
  4. SolidSnake

    PS3 launch in Japan in few hours....

    People are already camping outside shops...:D A youtube video of people camping outside shop... (Playstation 3 - Deewana Banaa De) :D
  5. raksrules

    Urgent: Should I Replace my DVD Writer

    I purchased a LiTeon DVD writer last week from Lamington Road in Mumbai. This writer does not have DVD-RAM and writing on DVD+R DL media support. In comparison Sony DRU820A has these support but is expensive. I purchased my one for 1950 Should i go for a replacement with sony. There are no other...
  6. S

    URGENT _ Photo Shop - K40

    Can some one tell me what is k40 in photo shop..... my friend said that its a color code .....that is available in photo i need this color for my office logo back round........ Please help me on this... Thanks Saravanan
  7. E

    Mobile repair shop in Pune,to replace Flash IC of N-Gage classic?

    Hi, Can somebody suggest me a gud shop to repair my dead n-gage. Actually its flash ic is dead and needs to be replaced and then it needs to be flashed with the latest firmaware. And if possible the cost for all this would also be helpful. Also do let me know if this is correct sub-forum or...
  8. K

    Latest Price For SE K750i?

  9. A

    Refill Query - Samsung SCX-4200 MFD Laser

    Hi I have Samsung SCX4200 Laser MFD. I am told bt Samsung that this model has a chip in Toner cartridge sue to which u can't Refill the toner. ANyone knows a Refill shop in Mumbai who has a way to bypass this? Pls help with contact details of Mumbai Shop by PM me. Thanks
  10. R

    tell me the best shop for buying a SE mobile in mumbai

    this is the time to change my mobile again , I.I dont know from where I should buy , so I am confused . mumbai-kars plz help me . the shop I am looking should have good user experience , NO-OVERCOST , have good stocks of mobile phones and NO cheat in any respect .I am going to buy a sony...
  11. V

    PASSWORD problem in counter strike

    HI, Can anyone please tell me how to create a lan server with password and command which allows others to connect to my server...i need this because we are a group of friend playing and we don't want others to interfere in a shop......please help.
  12. R

    CD cleaner - Rs 80 ok or not ?

    well , I need to clean my Dvd-rw , I heard about CD cleaner , but no DVD-cleaner . I phoned to my computer shop they said Frontech CD drive cleaner CD is Rs 80 . is that ok ? << By CD cleaner I meant to say it is a cd with have a tiny brush associated with it and nothing else , when it...
  13. wizrulz

    New Pc Not Starting

    My friend got new PC form lamington road form ABGB and got it assembeled at same shop. CONFIG is MSI RS 480 3200+ AMD 512 *2 Transcend ram 160 gb sata Zebronics Antibiotics cabinet with 400W Power supply. At the shop the PC worked fine..but when he brought it home and booted it started...
  14. 56561

    tell me a good mobile shop in Kolkata where all the models r available

    I want address of a good mobile shop in Kolkata where all the models of Nokia , motorola , SonyErricson are availble . I will see /test there and then I will choose . basically my budget is 10 k and I am looking for a mobile which have very very good voice quality , have in-call-timer i.e time...
  15. F

    Anyone know where I can buy a DS Lite and games in Delhi?

    Well I want to buy a DS Lite and its games. Anybody know a shop? If in Pallika, please give the shop number. Thanks
  16. R

    creative 2.1 inspire volume controller

    ppl i got a problem... i have crative 2.1 inspire.. my volume controller giving problem... where can i find a new controller ??? is ne shop there in mumbai which can provide this???
  17. aditya1987

    Please rate my PC Case Modification..

    This is my first PC Case Modification. It costed me only Rs 100. The cabinet used here is iBall. Here is the picture:- First of all i took my iBall cabinet's side panel to local cooler maker shop. And asked him to cut it in the shape as you can see. He cut it with a saw. He took 30...
  18. santu_29

    price of 6630 please....

    Whats the latest price of Nokia 6630 in DELHI? please specify market and shop if possible.....
  19. ambrewz

    FIFA 06 Tournament at Technopoint on 1st MAY 2006..

    FIFA 06 TOURNAMENT Competition Method: 1 vs. 1 url: Forum : Place : Technopoint Address:- Shop No.2, Lotus Apts., Building No. 12, MAHDA Complex, Opp. Monginis cake shop, Near Oshiwara Police Station, Andheri...
  20. RCuber

    Adobe Photoshop CS2 Vs Corel Paint Shop Pro X

    I have been using Photoshop CS2 for just over two weeks and im very impressed with it. Boy By just using a few filters PS can do magic. I also did test paint shop but i didnt like it , maybe because i have become comfortable with PS. Both look similar but i feel PS has got more features than...
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