Create another primary domain control for backup How????

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My dear friends

in my office 150 computers are there and one server with win2000 server os with active directory. it's a primary domain control it also file server also. all important data in this server.

This server is Intel Xeon processor.

if this server is down for one day i will gone..!! :shock: :shock: :oops: :oops: . that thoat is very very horibal..!! :shock: :shock:

so i want to create backup Primary domain server in P4 processor.

in that i create active directory and all my current user i put in that and all my files also in that server like backup ..!! in my main Xeon server fail hen my another P4 primary domain server come into picture and my employ work can't stop even they don't know that main server is down ..!

my second server take all load and i get some time to repair my main xeon server .

can any buddy help me how to do this. MCSE or MCSA people can help me or any network administrator help me ..!!

Plese plese..!!




Cyborg Agent
Run "Configure Your Server" on the P4, and select "One or more servers are already running on my network" and under the Active Directory Installation Wizard, select "Additional Domain Controller for Existing Domain" and then follow the instructions on-screen making sure all DNS entries point internally. Follow the instructions and you're all set. Just remember that the new server should be set to "Global Catalogue" and to transfer the 5 FSMO roles to the new server and keep checking to see if replication works properly between the DCs.


ok thanks

but is my first Primary Domain(XEON) is down or fail to start then all load is autometicully hendald by P4 server or not????? :?: :?: :?:

and thanks
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