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last week i brought the windows xp home cd from my uncle but when i install it send an message of activision of xp i dont have internet what will i do it also says it will expire after 30 days what will i do? :shock:


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Microsoft Windows XP Professional END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT

4. TRANSFER-Internal. You may move the Product to a different
Workstation Computer. After the transfer, you must
completely remove the Product from the former Workstation
Computer. Transfer to Third Party. The initial user of the
Product may make a one-time transfer of the Product to
another end user. The transfer has to include all
component parts, media, printed materials, this EULA, and
if applicable, the Certificate of Authenticity. The
transfer may not be an indirect transfer, such as a
consignment. Prior to the transfer, the end user receiving
the transferred Product must agree to all the EULA terms.
No Rental. You may not rent, lease, lend or provide
commercial hosting services to third parties with the

identified as "Not for Resale" or "NFR," may not be resold,
transferred or used for any purpose other than
demonstration, test or evaluation.

Hope you know all these.

In case you do not have Internet, you can activate it by Phone. choose the option "activate through phone" and choose INDIA as the country and it would give you the phone numbers, toll freee and also regular number. you should talk to a rep who would activate you copy of windows. Here comes an important thing. when you speak to rep, they will ask you the installation ID generated and you name, number etc..

If your uncle has installed it on his machine and activated it, you might be in soup when called Microsoft as its going to show his machine info. So ask your uncle all these and get yourself a Genuine and Hassle free copy.

Having said all these I do not support piracy.

Happy XPerience.


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but my uncle went to his other state and dont have his phone no has he brought laptop with windows xp cd i write the cd and install it on my com know what should i do?


if u dont have internet .. u can call the toll free customer support
sorry i dont know whats the no in india ..
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