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  1. anirbandd

    Battlefield 4 latency issue for Singapore servers

    Hello, Is any one facing high latency to singapore servers in BF4/3?? Me and a few other guys [@tanmaymohan Hrishi ManiDhillon nomad47] are facing very high latency to a set of servers. we have tracert'd to IPs of most popular server hosts and found the below: I am using airtel...
  2. A

    Counter Strike Source queries

    I want to buy CSS and play online, had this queries . How will it work on 512kbps broadband connection ? Are there any good indian servers ? players pls guide me And where to buy ? amazon or steam ? - - - Updated - - - Any ideas ? - - - Updated - - - ????????
  3. V

    Only a matter of time before there is a deadly cyber attack?

    This recent blog post shows just how cheap and easy it is remotely detonate something (for just $50US in parts) and even to hack into control systems using free cloud servers and a search engine that can find connected devices? Is this all paranoia or something to be concerned about? The...
  4. tanmaymohan

    Static IP on LAN network

    Hello guys I am trying to host a server (on 2k12) but my modem gives different IPs to all devices connected to my network(phones,pc,laptops,tablets) so I have to change my port forwading settings everytime to change the ip again and again.Is there a way to allocate static IP to LAN...
  5. P

    Far Cry 3 (PC) Co-op Issues

    Ok, so I haven't really tried playing the co-op in this game but when I tried today, I can't seem to be able to connect to the Ubisoft servers. I do have UPlay running and the latest patch (I think it's 1.05), but still no go. It keeps saying failed to connect to Ubisoft servers, or something to...
  6. snap

    Do you think the sense of 'community' is gone since game devs run the multiplayer servers themselves

    Do you think the sense of 'community' is gone since game devs run the multiplayer servers themselves? : truegaming Discuss...
  7. H

    Any Arma 3 Players?

    Hi, Was wondering if there are any Arma 3 players here and hoping to get some questions answered like how good is the gameplay? .. Since its heavily online-centric, is it difficult to play it online seamlessly on servers? I play battlefield 4 and the only servers on which I get a decent...
  8. T

    Problem Regarding bsnl Broadband..

    Friends... i am using bsnl broadband for about 2 years... was getting abt 100-150 ping on singapore servers (even 350 sometimes...) ...about 250 on eu... till that so called cyber attack... now its jumping to about 600 on singapore servers and 400 on eu servers... i Resetted my modem to factory...
  9. R

    Need help planning out my business network.

    Hi, I'm planning on setting up a small server system at home for holding our business data. Ours is a small service-oriented company, and we will have several field personnel out in the field in the near future, and they will need to connect to our server via their laptops in order to view...
  10. H

    Say bye bye to privacy: Facebook Home

    Facebook Home Why it is the largest privacy violation by FB yet: Why Facebook Home bothers me: It destroys any notion of privacy; Tech News and Analysis
  11. J

    PC Configuration for a Developer

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: Development + Test Server for small s/w projects DB Servers...
  12. E

    VB.NET and databases

    I have made an app in vb.net that needs to access an online database. I have never worked with online databases before so i have no idea how to do it. Some basic thinks that i want to know: * What kind of server will i need to host the database. Will free ftp servers like xhosting work? i...
  13. thatsashok

    Reliance or BSNL

    Guys I have an option of choosing between Reliance wireline and BSNL BB. I so far have experience of BSNL 750 UL. I know BSNL has good pings to Malaysia and Singapore servers but the speeds are not VFM compared to Reliance. My Usage : Steam downloads Online multiplayer games like TF2, CS ...
  14. HimanshuVikal

    Battlefield 3 online and India servers??

    Is my MTNL 512kbps broadband enough to play Battlefield 3 online?? I know its not possible to play any game on international servers with low ping. But are there any good Indian servers for battlefield 3 and can I get low ping on them with my broadband?
  15. A

    fifa 09 hamachi servers

    Anyone intreseted in playing fifa 09.
  16. Tobuscus

    No Gaming Servers In India!!!

    Hey,guys Don't you think it sucks that we don't have any gaming servers in India,even for the most popular games. I get kicked of servers every day, ( Kicked,Reason: Sorry,you have high ping).:-x Come on,If Singapore,a country the size of a golf course can have it's own servers,then why...
  17. R

    Help me guys.

    Hello guys,i want to buy Battlefield Bad Company 2 so that i can access all the features of steam.And also i like to play multiplayer when the servers f Ghost Recon Online are offline.But as Battlefield 3 is also released i am afraid there wont be any servers online for Battlefield Bad Company...
  18. ankit.kumar010203

    *9th July - The Internet Doomsday* A malware named DNS changer infected 250,000 users...

    It is reported that by 9th July, Monday 250,000 users will loose access to internet. A virus named DNS changer has infected the users. FBI warns that if not cured these users will loose internet access by this date. The malware, DNS changer, is based on basic internet principle called DNS...
  19. RON28

    which is best unlimited wired or wireless internet in pune?

    BUDGET 500-600 Rs i play cs 1.6 a lot and need a broadband which has a low latency or ping. mostly i play within indian servers. :razz:
  20. r4gs

    Preview? and Feedback June 2012

    As mentioned earlier, we're in the middle of shifting offices, even our PCs are packed up, so I don't really have access to the servers and we're all working from home. For now, all I could get was the DVD manifest, so... DVD1 http://dgit.in/KcK7Nm DVD2 http://dgit.in/L7OE3c DVD3...
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