1. ranjitsd

    NVIDIA TEGRA K1 Tablet Serious Sam 3 Gaming Demo

    serious sam running on the TAB
  2. anirbandd

    Serious Sam 4 - Confirmed!!!!

    Serious Sam Humble Weekly Bundle to Fund Serious Sam 4 Croteam has confirmed that it's working on Serious Sam 4, the next installment in the shooter series, and that, in order to get more funds for the game's development, it's now offering a special Serious Sam franchise sale on the Humble...
  3. raj_55555

    Camera below 30k

    Hi guys, Had a good response in the laptop threads, hope that's the case here too. What would be a good camera below 30k? I am not a novice, but neither an expert with cameras, this will be my first serious camera though! Any non-offensive comments/suggestions are welcome. :) I think...
  4. vickybat

    Intel Will Overtake Qualcomm In Three Years

    An interesting read guys. Intel seems to be getting serious in the SoC business. Serious competition is really good for end users like us. Considering android's move for making apps compatible for both x-86 and ARM instructions, its a win-win situation for everyone. Even for 3rd party apps...
  5. Ayush_ANI

    Serious Problem Occurred

    APP CRASH every time & lots More... Hi Friends A Serious Problem Occurred. I have MB ASUS M4A89GTD PRO, AMD phenom II X4 955 BE . When I update my MB BIOS, I faced some problem like PC hang(when i play songs or doing multiple work), Only Vista OS can install not any other OS can install...
  6. official

    blue screen problem!

    hey guys i have been facing a really frustrating problem for 1 month...some time my pc while working just displays some stupid screen like tht in a tv that does'nt have a signal..just for a second or two with a humming sound and then it shuts down. after restartin there is a note that there was...
  7. W

    Touch Screen 40 Series Set ... Plz Seggest

    Hi Friends ! I wana purchase a Java 40 Serious NOkia Cell Phone , Please Suggest Any Good Option bellow 15K.
  8. atanupal

    Best all time games for low end/medium graphics cards

    Hi All, Please update me with the best all time games for low end/medium graphics cards: 1. Road Rash 2. NFS 2 3. NFS 3 4. NFS - Porsha Unleased 5. Open Tennis 2000 6. Unreal Tournament 7. Quake 3 8. Top Spin 9. Return to Castle Wolfenstein 10. Max Payne 11. Max Payne 2 12. Serious SAM 13...
  9. NewsBytes

    Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter

        Serious Sam: The First Encounter was originally released in 2001 by the now defunct publishers Gathering of Developers. The game was a runaway success due in part to its wicked sense of humor and partly due to developer’s fresh take on what had become a tired genre. This game was...
  10. NewsBytes

    Batman: Arkham Asylum

      Darkness is descending upon Gotham City. The night sky is obscured by dark clouds lashing rain over a dark Gothic cityscape.  Moonlight pierces through this gloomy curtain, illuminating a deserted road—the Dark Knight approaches.   A Serious House on Serious Earth The Arkham Asylum...
  11. S

    name & address of reliance no.

    hello frndz .... i want to know the name and address details of 9351985008... can anyone tell me tthat details. plz help its very serious........
  12. Techn0crat

    1.8 GB unlimited

    Are they serious?
  13. cooldip10

    Urgent Help required

    I bought this new configuration Desktop from Nehru Place , New Delhi some two months backs. And due to my college works couldn't see into it properly. To my surprise I recently found that my Gfx Card is nVidia 9600M GT.. Very Strange, as 9600M GT is a GPU for notebooks. I checked up the...
  14. deadkiss 009

    Has anyone bought gtx 275 ?

    I will buy one GTX 275 in this week. Here, in Kolkata only palit and zotac are available as per I know. The distributors of them quoted 18,200 and 18,600 including vat respectively (without bergaining of course):lol: . But I need some serious brands like xfx or evga. So am looking for that...
  15. G

    Is It Worth To Buy Old Nokia 5700 Em?

    Hello, to all of you.I want to know Is it worth to buy one and half year old NOkia 5700 XM mobile? If this phone doesnt have any serious problem then what should be its price? Reply soon.Thank You.
  16. Sathish

    serious problem with 7300GT.. pl guide to find the problem

    i have a serious problem with 7300GT.. i have overclocked the card to 520 MHz (default @ 375 MHz) using Nvidia's Ntune by chooosing optimal overclocking.. it worked well and i have felt no problem at all.. but today my monitor goes blank while the system powered on.. but i hear the sound for...
  17. harryneopotter

    need info about anti depressents !!

    Hey guys... i am in a serious trouble ...i am very depressed these days nd dont want to live any more .... . . . . . If u were looking a post something like the above mentioned line, then i am sorry to crush ur hopes :D:p:)). Actually my friend is in serious tension(he thinks...
  18. Cool G5

    Recommend me some games to kill boredom

    Hello, It has been a long time since I played any games on my PC, call it due to the ancient hardware or my shifting focus on other things. :( Now I am quite bored of doing serious things and need to rejuvenate myself.:D What better than gaming??Right?? I have CS, which I will be...
  19. muzux2


    My sister's cellphone LG Dynamite(KG200) is having a serious problem. whenever a call comes, it automatically shuts down. itz happening since a week..Now, when i browse via GPRS, it shuts down again..The issue has even got further worsen, it shuts down after a few secs from restart.i scanned it...
  20. amc888

    Query about Nokia 3110C

    I am going to purchase Nokia 3110C soon. Is it really good? Some of my friends told me that this mobile has serious software problems (I mean the famous restarting problem). Is it solved or not in new 3110C models? Please help me.........
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