1. kool

    can i play these GAMES..........????

    Dear Friends, I've winXP pro SP2, directX 9c, 512MB ram, celeron D (2.66 GHz). Is there any Software that can calculate my minimum system requirment for any game?????? Like we search cheat code of any game in CheatBook-Database. In Nov.digit dvd there were game FEAR,which didn't run on my pc...
  2. bukaida

    Will Serious Sam 2 run on my machine?

    Hi I have p4 2.4GHz, 865 GBF mobo with 512 ddr 333 and 5200Fx 128MB(AGP). Is this sufficient to play serious sam2 or Q4? Please suggest.
  3. Pragadheesh

    Serious Error...!!!

    hi, at times wen i start my system , i get this error "Microsoft Windows The system has recovered from a serious error When i click 'For More Details click here' i get this: Error signature: BCCode : c2 BCP1 : 00000041 BCP2 : 85BB2000 BCP3 : 000057B2 BCP4 : 0001EF2E...
  4. P

    SERIOUS PROBLEM!! PC restarts on download

    I hav got a serious problem...Whenever i start downloading anything my pc gets automatically restart.I hav a netcafe and i think som of my costumer hav done this.i hav windows xp running.i hav also scanned my system for virus..but there is nothing.This has happened to only one pc...
  5. V

    Serious Problem

    it is very serious prob. a spy ware name brontok is infecting my PC please help me to remove it.when i starting my PC it get hanged & after some time it starts automatically but when i Downloading something from net PC Automatically restarts.
  6. s18000rpm

    Serious Error

    i installed "Tomb Raider Demo" Yesterday, the game went fine till the cutscene near the falls when a man (enemy) is talking in his cell phone, at that point the game got stuck gave the following error., "ialmrnt5 display driverhas stopped working...." then the PC rebooted & returned the...
  7. saurabh.sauron

    Serious XP problem

    i am facing a serious problem in XP sp2 whenever i put the computer on, the computer automatically rebooted. i presumed it to be a virus and formatted the disk. i installed Xp again but the problem recurred just after reinstallation. is it a corrupt hard disk or a bad sector. pls help thnx
  8. A

    Computer Serious Error

    I am facing a serious problem in my comp. When i POWER ON the computer it gives loooooooong beep. The monitor doesnt displa. After 5-6 attempts the comp. booted but after the WinXP booting screen the blue screen appeared giving message that there is some problem with the nv4_mini.sys and to...
  9. J

    Serious Jam 2 Very Serious becoz it is for kids

    Serious Sam 2 graphics are great. gamesound is like that it is a nursery rhyme.gameplay sucks and monsters are idiot ,if you want to damage your mouse that this game is made for u becoz you have to kill nearly 89,000 monsters by clicking-2.BOOOOOOOOOORING Score Graphics 9 Sound 1...
  10. M

    Serious Sam OpenGL

    Serious Sam - The First Encounter used to run perfectly on my Win 98. But when i upgraded to WinXP, it is asking for OpenGL Driver. Where can i download this OpenGL driver for WinXP to run this game.
  11. kunwar

    Serious Sam 2 problem {installed frm DIGIT CD (Nov 05)}

    i have used Win Rar 2 extract the demo of SS2 from CD. I unzipped it using Win Rar SUCESSFULLY! I even used "test" option in this software 2 know wheather it is a currupt. but it told me that it was not curropt copy. now, when i double-click the icon of unzipped demo, i get 2 ERRORS...
  12. M


    Hello guys is there any site where i can take free iq test.I want serious and trusted site other than spark tests. 8)
  13. C


    Hi all, My system is giving whole lot of problems to me....ok the problem i am severaly facing is system all of sudden restarts and frequently shows the blue screen with the error as DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and whole lot of details..... and after restarting it says...
  14. M

    San Andreas restarts computer

    When ever i go to CZ house to save my game , suddenly a blue screen appers and the computer restarts and after restarting it displays " The system has ecovered from a serious error ". i happens only when i try to save the game. i have P4 2.8 , 512 MB ram and Ge force 6200
  15. anshul

    problems and problems

    Dear Mates, respected elders and honourable everyone,(I m serious , I do respect you all.) As usual my computer is again up with a problem. This time its quite serious and now I feel like breaking my computer (although I love it very much and am very patient by nature). My computer cannot...
  16. Sourabh

    Serious Sam II Discussions: Demo OUT!

    Serious Sam II Announced New York, NY – April 20, 2005 – 2K Games, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), today announced Serious Sam II, the much-anticipated return of Sam “Serious” Stone to PC and the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft. “Gamers...
  17. R


    Today I saw the blue screen of death.It told that widows shut down due to file:ha10kx2k.sys. (page fault in non-paged area)Iwant to know how serious is the error and what should I do to prevent? Should I do run any maintenance utility programmes?
  18. I

    Unlocked P4 processor 560 (3.6 ghz) from FSB 800 to 1024 Check the above link where the prescott p4 3.6 ghz processor has been overlcocked and some real good benchies like video encoding directx encoding etc have been done . Seems Athlon64 have got themselved a serious competittor for...
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