serious problem with 7300GT.. pl guide to find the problem

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i have a serious problem with 7300GT..
i have overclocked the card to 520 MHz (default @ 375 MHz) using Nvidia's Ntune by chooosing optimal overclocking..
it worked well and i have felt no problem at all..
but today my monitor goes blank while the system powered on.. but i hear the sound for suceesfull booting.. i think my card have not detected in startup.. i checked the device manager and it does not show /detect the pci express VGA card..
now im using the computer with onboard graphic solution..
please guide me how can i find the solution.. i cleaned the card and the card's fan is running fine..
my config Asus A2N-VM-CSM/ AMD 64 3500+/2GB DDR / 400W PSU
pl help me to find the problem.s


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when you OC a card you have to see how it behaves while playing a game(on load) 375 to 520 seems a lot of OC to me its possible that it is defective idk...

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I think its happened bcoz of ur low wattage PSU.Overclocking a 7300GT with a 400 watt
PSU is not the smartest thing to do.Anyway, I think u should contact NVIDIA support
center in ur city immediately.


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the card bought in US in 2007..
i did profile-based overclocked.. that is when a game unloaded. the default settings (i.e.375mhz) has been loaded back..
so i think, when the system start up initially. the card does not have any overclocked settings..
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