1. blademast3r

    GTA IV on pc!! im dead serious!!!

  2. G

    What's the diff between signout & logout

    Yes the subject says it all. Do both term have same meaning or dfferent.I'm serious ok..
  3. C

    serious error?

    i use win xp...recently while wrkng on my pc i got this blue screen for a fraction of a second ,so i couldn't read it,and my monitor turned in there was no display and the led turned orange. when i rebooted,it said "SYSTEM HAS RECOVERED FROM A SERIOUS ERROR" and gave these details...
  4. H

    Which is a good girly phone?

    i want to gift it to my sis on her birth day. it should be very nice looking, not necessary in pink but having good looks and superb music quality. she is serious music lover. price no matter it will be surprise gift for her so i don't want to ask her for her choice
  5. R

    is this problem serious??

    i was going thru the overheating thread and i downloaded cpucool.when i started the program,i got an error message(attatchment below).whats the problem,is it serious and how can it be fixed
  6. napster007

    Sos Help!!!

    hey guys, this thread might be completely off topic but i seriously need your help. ok here goes.... i have to get a fever which id not that serious but fool proof and should last atleast a day(minimum). i really need to know how...lz help me guys.
  7. T

    Serious Problem... all .exe files deleting automatically

    Hi.. all I am facing a serious issue.. all .exe files are deleting automatically. i scanned my system with avast and avg antivirus but it doesnt show any kind of virus. only .exe files are deleting in all drives and all other files are not affected. I am using XP with sp2. Plz help...
  8. Cool G5

    Serious system problems.

    I formatted my system day before yesteday,due to some problems. Now after reinstalling all the necessary softwares,i got down to browse the net on opera. After some time it said opera has encountered a problem & needs to be closed. Also microft word was giving the same problem. The pc is...
  9. alsiladka

    One True Video Format? - H.264

    Its not my choice. It is Paul's choice. He has started this nice series of Multimedia related articles. Read this whole article, clears out some confusions i had in my mind. Source - Winsupersite
  10. Binay 007

    need a virus

    My friend need a virus so he can curput his data he is in serious prob.some body behind him.
  11. entrana

    Serious Wet Floor Sign

    it so funny i even set it as my avatar Serious Wet Floor Caution Sign. You don`t even want to go near this wet floor.
  12. abhi_10_20

    Fedora from digit

    did u guys try Fedora 7 provided by digit? it gave an error that some part of a file was missing while installation(after about 77%) and rebooting wud put my comp into an unstable state..... cud hav been a serious issue.... but my windows partition was'nt disturbed.. dunno wat's the...
  13. Amir.php

    Gta_sa.exe problem

    I have all the requirements of Grand theft auto san andreas. When i try to run, i found a message from windows. "gta_sa.exe encounters a serious problem and need to be closed.we are sorry for inconvineance." please help me what can i do.:(
  14. Q

    serious matter

    Hi Friends…. This is Qadir………. Looking for a serious help from u ppls hope u ppls will solve my problem Here I go……. Im using nokia 7610…. From past few months I have a problem with it, One day suddenly the whole display was gone white…. I switched off for a while and restart it again and...
  15. Gigacore

    The Forum Moderator's Guide To Life

    He he he..... what shall i say go read it, serious..:D
  16. devil_me

    Laptops are getting more dangerious.

    We heard of the damage caused by laptops due to the exploding batteries but a new problem arises now. Significant increase in the sales of laptops now leads to back and muscle problems in serious laptop users. For more information about this issue read this article...
  17. cynosure

    Serious sam problem.

    I have just installed serious sam the first encounter on my PC. The problem is that after I finish one of the levels, I am sent back to the same level instead of the next one. This problem is happening only with this level (The Dunes). I searched google but there aint any answer. Help me in...
  18. S

    Bill Gates Recommends Linux :D

    Just Fun :D, don't take it serious :) How's it? Got it off a Public Picasa Album
  19. S

    windows Serious Error

    i got a half life dvd's from my local piracyman. when i popped the dvd in, it diid not i clicked on the icon.there were main two files, one a .exe and another a ms-dos file.i clicked on the .exe but only intro and the credits abd copyrights i clicked on the other file and then...
  20. Arsenal_Gunners

    Bitcomet 0.84 out

    Download it here dudes Version 0.84 fixes some serious bugs in HTTP and BitTorrent download in 0.83.
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