Intel Will Overtake Qualcomm In Three Years


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An interesting read guys. Intel seems to be getting serious in the SoC business.
Serious competition is really good for end users like us. Considering android's move for making apps compatible for both x-86 and ARM instructions, its
a win-win situation for everyone. Even for 3rd party apps, having native ARM library support, will be compatible with x-86 through binary translation.:)

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thanks for the link.

but coming to the point, Intel overtaking Qualcomm in 3yrs, Intel will need to fulfil 3 very important points: price of SOC, shift to lower manufacturing nodes (hence less power), a lot of design wins. but sadly all these 3 are unlikely to be fulfilled in 5yrs, forget 3yrs.

firstly, we all know how high intel prices their processors. same will be true for SOC. to beat qualcomm here, either pack all future Samsung Galaxy S series & Tab with an Intel X86 core. not only that, even Apple products have to be powered by X86. only then can Intel think about matching Qualcomm.

Next is shift to smaller node. Qualcomm's Krats is already in 28nm. whats more? its already getting shipped inside some Lenovo tablets. Where is Intel? Also, if they need to produce SOC in 22nm node, where will they make desktop & server processors?

Lastly, design wins. Motorola & LG said they are interested. How many million Optimus 3D, 2X, Black did LG sold? i won't take Motorola's name. moderate success in US. if they include an Intel inside logo on the back of the mobile, that mobile have to be priced at min 30-35k.

Samsung not only sells Exynos based mobile & tabs, but also Texas Instrument & Qualcomm based. Heard Apple A6 (quadcore most likely) will be made by TSMC. So less likely Apple will change foundry so soon. Yes Intel will be a big competator but will take upward of 5yrs to get a noticable market share.


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X86 isn't efficient enough, but at <20nm lets see what happens, bet IBM will reach there first.
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