1. Chetan1991

    [Query] Should I send Cowon EM1s for replacement or fix'em myself?

    My Cowon EM1s failed after a measly 5 months, pieces of cr@p, even though I took good care of them. It seems the wire has detached from the 3.5mm connector. I sent the Cowon people a mail to claim warranty and replied asking me to ship the earphones to them to Mumbai to check them. My...
  2. D

    Need details regarding buying from snapdeal

    i want to buy a Dell S2216h monitor but the dell customer care told that the dell service tag should me mentioned on the invoice.So i want a pic of any dell monitor invoice so that i can know what are mentioned on the invoice?please kindly anyone in the forum send me the invoice picture or tell me.
  3. P

    employe activity tracking freeware needed

    i'm about to start small software company in couple of weeks , i need some employee activity monitering /tracking software in open source that will send activity details to mail/cloud. please share if anybody knows any freeware of it.
  4. rajivnedungadi

    Negative Experience Pathetic Service

    I ordered three best sheets from their Magic Box. I got a message that they shipped it after a week from the order. After another week, I received the package but to my shock there was only 1 bedsheet instead of 3. I contacted their customer service, which is an STD call, NO TOLL FREE NUMBER...
  5. Desmond

    TRAI invites Indians to comment on Net Neutrality Till 20th Aug 2015 Only So Hurry

    It’s Your Time To Speak! TRAI invites Comments on Net Neutrality Source: TRAI Asks Indians To Comment on Net Neutrality - iGyaan - - - Updated - - - TRAI consulatation paper for the same: Consultation Paper : Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Net Neutrality is chapter 5...
  6. ajayritik

    Need suggestions on courier from Hyderabad to Mumbai

    Hi Guys, I need to fix my Cowon A3 Player which can be done by Lipap systems in Mumbai who have advised me to send the product. Which courier service should I opt to send this safely? I also have couple of friends in Mumbai should I try to send the product to my friend so that he instead...
  7. C

    Burnout revenge.

    Hey guys, I Hope you all have played burnout paradise.But i want to ask that if anyone have played BURNOUT REVENGE.if yes yes please send me the link to download this game for PC.
  8. S

    Outlook cant send mail with attachment

    Dear guys , i cant send mail with attachment in outlook 2013 or 2010.port are unblock, i am using IMAP.Without attachment mail can send. OS windows 7 Internet Explorer 8 No antivirus install even windows defender disabled. no plugins install on outlook. then where is the problem guys, can u...
  9. L

    Can't get the "send to" shortcut working

    I can use ES File explorer fine. I can also go to "lan" and it always sees a drive I have attached to my router. It never sees the other computers, I always have to press "scan". I can then see everything I want to, however, it is MUCH easier to use the "send" command. There is even a new...
  10. Ronnie11

    Printer/Faxing Machine needed for a budget of 7000

    Hey guys, so a friend of mine is looking for a printer/fax all in one machine for a budget of 7000. Now i know fax is not common, but since he has a connection and needs to regularly send faxes out, he needs a fax in the printer too. Is it possible to get a all in one machine for this price?Pls...
  11. GhorMaanas

    [Query] ace tele shop - any feedback?!

    Hello everyone! i had purchased a Binatone Senior Citizen's cellphone from ace tele shop on ebay (present as 'aceteleshop' on ebay) last year. its charger has now developed a fault, and Binatone's service centre here in Mumbai said that they don't look into the faults of cellphones, but only...
  12. T

    Send mail via Contact form PHP

    Hi, I am not able to send mail via contact form developed in php. Reference Free, simple, PHP based email contact form Is there any other way round to do this? EDIT : It worked for me, there was a mistake in my code. There was no need to configure. Thanks techlearn
  13. bubusam13

    Enabling Wake on LAN

    Guys, I searched the internet but not fount any good guide. I have few UATs IBM x3650 m4 servers. I have enabled wake on LAN on BIOS and Windows Server 2008. Now how to send the magic packets ? How I wake them up ? Is anything else need to be done ?
  14. saswat23

    Iobit Giveaway

    Iobit is giving away free copies of its Advanced System Care 7 Pro, IObit Malware Fighter 2 and Driver Booster as Thanksgiving. You can send the thanksgiving to any email you (including yours), they will send you a link to the email and opening that link will show the key of that product...
  15. blackpearl

    [For Sale] FREE Giveaway: 15 ebay coupon codes valid till Sep 30, 2013

    I have a handful of ebay coupon codes that I got by recharging my prepaid vodafone online, that's been lying unused. The codes give you a discount of 7% up to a max of Rs 750. These are actually better than most ebay discount codes that are generally capped at Rs 500. These are all single...
  16. V

    Yamaha R6- PICK OR KICK

    Hi all... There a man who is selling a used Yamaha R6 for 1.7 lakhs. Should i go for it or not??? My queries- 1. Though the new bike's cost is 7+ lakhs on road he is selling that for only 1.7 lakhs???? :-O I find this some what mischieves 2. He told he will ship that vehicle through...
  17. RCuber

    Google Account Disabled

    Guys, this morning I saw that my phone was showing a warning symbol, checked and saw that my google account had been disabled and asked me to login via a web browser on a computer. logging in directed me to a captcha code and then the browser loaded my Gmail. I promptly changed my password and...
  18. dashang

    need CMAT study material

    Guys , Can you send me CMAT 2013 study material
  19. debarshi

    [Query] WD Blue Drive RMA query

    I am having some issues with my WD Blue 500 GB drive When I use WD Data Lifeguard Diagnostics, it shows a strange error Status Code 07 (I've attached screenshots)......... Can/should I send this drive for RMA? If yes, can anyone tell me the procedure? Please help....
  20. Ayuclack

    Nike Lunarglide Unboxing !!

    Pics Say it All BTW these are my third runner in 2 Years ...and love them the most... anyone on Nike+ ...send me PM !!
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